Morikawa Kaori
Moriwaka Kaori First Name: Kaori
Last Name: Morikawa
Birthdate: December 11, 1963
Blood Type: B
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Singing, Guitar
PGSM Roles: Tsukino Ikuko
Official Website: Morikawa Kaori Official Website

About Morikawa Kaori:
She played a funky-mama on PGSM; an Ikuko that, while loving and very much a housewife (she did the cooking and cleaning) she also was unconventional, a bit flighty, and also pining for fame and fortune. Kaori played Ikuko with a certain flair that made it easy to see how Usagi ended up being so fun-loving and carefree.

Prior to her work in PGSM, Kaori was in the band The Go-Bangs and Ram Jam World, as well as writing songs and playing as a back musician for the girl band Chee's. She still is very actively involved in music and performs, in March of 2009 she released a live singing DVD.


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