Kitagawa Keiko
Kitagawa Keiko First Name: Keiko
Last Name: Kitagawa
Birth date: August 22, 1986
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Height: 5'3" [160cm]
Blood type: O
Astrological Sign: Leo/Virgo (on the cusp)
Hobbies: Watching DVDs, listening to music, reading books, swimming
PGSM Roles: Hino Rei, Sailor Mars
Official Website: Keiko Kitagawa Official Website; Keiko's Blog

Before PGSM:
Originally Keiko had no ambition to become a model, actress, or singer. In fact, as a child her original goal was to become a doctor, but over time was unsure if she could do that. It so happened that at this time period, she was scouted by a talent agency and Keiko decided to give the entertainment industry a try. Her parents reluctantly agreed so long as Keiko gave it up if she wasn't getting anywhere with it, and graduated from University. Neither of these restrictions proved an issue (Keiko graduated from Meiji University in 2009) and reasonably soon after she had signed her contract, she was chosen as Miss Seventeen 2003. Keiko modeled with the Japanese Seventeen magazine up through September 2006.

On Pretty Guardian Sailormoon:
Her first acting role was Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in Pretty Guardian Sailormoon. She tried to play the role well and thoroughly, and even wore the Rei bracelet from Act 3 throughout the series (even though it never showed). When she left the role, she asked fans to call her "Rei-chan" if they bumped into her. [1] Keiko continued her modeling work with Seventeen Magazine at this time and also did a feature in BOMB! magazine with Sawai Miyuu and Hama Chisaki in costume to promote Sailormoon.

Projects following PGSM:
During this time, Keiko's popularity in Seventeen was climbing and she even was given her own regular feature titled "Keiko's Beauty Honey". In 2006 she acted in her first major motion picture, Mamiya Kyoda and at the urging of the director decided to pursue acting rather than modeling. When she graduated from Seventeen magazine, she retired from modeling all together as well.
She was in a handful of other films, and then in 2007 her focus shifted to television dramas, playing the lead in Mop Girl and later Homeroom on the Beachside. She also made a brief appearance in the movie Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (which is her biggest role to date in a film that was released in America).

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