Kikawada Masaya
Kikawada Masaya First Name: Masaya
Last Name: Kikawada
Birthdate: June 1, 1980
Birthplace: Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Height: 5'11" [183cm]
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Hobbies: Tennis, Basketball, Music, Swimming, Shopping
PGSM Roles: Furuhata Motoki
Official Website: Kikawada Masaya Agency Profile

About Kikawada Masaya:
Masaya took over the role of Furuhata Motoki in PGSM, but the role was altered quite a bit. While there is a brief moment where Usagi has a crush on him (it lasts all of one episode and it was only because she thought he was Tuxedo Kamen), in general the girls don't look twice at Motoki and certainly don't fight over him.
Overall, Motoki is a bit more awkward and dorky in PGSM than he ever was in the anime or manga. Later in the series, his character is explored quite a bit more than in the other incarnations because he becomes a serious love interest for Makoto; in the Special Act the two even become engaged.

Masaya is best known for his role in Kamen Rider: The First and reprising it in Kamen Rider: THE NEXT, films he did after PGSM had ended. Masou has continued his acting career with several television appearances, and many movie appearances as well. He even played a role in the movie Dear Friends, which reunited him with Kitagawa Keiko in 2007. He also does some light modeling work.


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