Shibue Jyoji
Shibue Jyoji First Name: Jyoji
Last Name: Shibue
Birthdate: March 15, 1983
Birthplace: Nagano Prefecture (?)
Height: 6' [183cm]
Bloodtype: O
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Hobbies: Darts, Listening to music, Racketball
PGSM Roles: Chiba Mamoru, Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Endymion, Metallia-Endymion
Official Website: Jyoji's Blog

Before PGSM:
Jyoji began working as a model for Hotdog Press magazine prior to PGSM. He was also in Rina Aiuchi's Full Jump video just before PGSM.

On Pretty Guardian Sailormoon:
His major debut was as Tuxedo Kamen on this show. He said he was very nervous about the part, and wondered if it would really be okay with him playing the role. He said the hardest part was running around in his costume, especially in the summer time. On the set his nickname was 'Mamo-chan'. [1]

Projects following PGSM:
After PGSM Jyoji continues modeling and acting. He has also been in several television programs, most notably the tokusatsu program Kamen Rider Hibiki and played one of the four main characters, Iori Izumi (Kamen Rider Ibuki). He has also been in a few different commercials.


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