Ayumi / Dark Mercury
Dark Mercury Name: Mizuno Ami, "Ayumi"
Sailor Name: Dark Mercury, "Darkury"
Actress: Hama Chisaki
First Appearance: Act 21; "Ami-chan ni Nani wo Shita!" [What Did You Do to Ami- chan?!]
Civilian Hair: Black, shoulder length and worn down.
Sailor Hair: Light Blue, short (chin length) and layered.
Family: As Ami she has her mother: Dr. Mizuno
Past Life: Sailor Mercury, one of Princess Serenity's guardians
Attack Element: Water, with more focus on ice
Love Interest: Nephrite (hinted at)
Image Color: Blue, black, purple

She is: Mizuno Ami under Kunzite's manipulation and a heavy dose of Metallia's energy. The dark energy warped her mind and her jewelry star bracelet, allowing her to transform into Dark Mercury. Not only does she attack the Sailor Senshi, she relishes the chances she gets to do so, calling them her 'prey'.

Personality: Manipulative, arrogant, and cold, her personality is much different than that of Mizuno Ami. It's not all bad, however, and even under the influence of the dark Mercury manages to show some kindness to Nephrite, even if she does mock him before that.

Likes: Nephrite (hinted at), fighting the Sailor Senshi

Enemies: The Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen

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