Magical Items of PGSM - Sailor Jupiter's Items
Silver Bracelet & Jewelry Star Bracelet
Silver Bracelet Jewelry Star Bracelet

First Appeared: Act 6
These items are really only one- the silver bracelet allows for the transformation to happen, but it turns into the Jewelry Star Bracelet when Jupiter is transforming.

Teletia S
Teletia S
First Appeared: Act 8
This cell phone has the ability to act as a communicator with the other senshi, act as a plain phone, and also to act as a disguise device. If Makoto takes a photo of someone she will transform into that person. Makoto uses her phone somewhat irresponsibly once (to go on a date in nice clothes) under Usagi's prompting, of course.

Crown Karaoke Passport
Crown Karaoke Passport

First Appearance: Act 20
This is to gain entry to the senshi's headquarters in Crown Karaoke. Luna created all the passports after "borrowing the space" at Crown.

Sailor Star Tambourine & Spear
Sailor Star Tambourine Spear

First Appearance: Act 26 & Final Act
The tambourine is a weapon in which energy can be conducted through. It helps to amplify her power, and in the final act Jupiter transforms her tambourine into a spear.