Kuroki Mio
Kuroki Mio Name: Kuroki Mio
Actress: Durbrow Alisa
First Appearance: Act 29; "Minako no Rival, Kuroki Mio ga Tenkousei?" [Minako's Rival, Kuroki Mio, is a Transfer Student?]
Family: Unknown
Past Life: Mio is a Shadow of Queen Beryl, but seems to be only around for the present.
Attack Element: Darkness
Love Interest: Pines after Mamoru/Endymion
Image Color: Black, Hot Pink
Image Songs: Change of Pace

She is: An idol who is moving up in popularity rapidly, even going so far as to take jobs that were originally slated for Aino Minako. Mio transfers to Usagi's school and makes a point of bullying her, though she does so in such an underhanded way that Usagi thinks Mio genuinely wants to be friends and it's all a misunderstanding. In reality, Mio is a Shadow of Queen Beryl, and the two are intimately linked. It was thought that Mio dies in the series, turning into swirling black rose petals, but she returns in the Special Act to try and capture Mamoru yet again.

Personality: Mio is saccharine-sweet and makes a point of 'befriending' Usagi. All the while, however, Mio accidentally-on-purpose makes 'mistakes' that effect Usagi- such as kicking her in the shins, getting the entire school to turn against her (on two separate occasions), and helping her reach London... by getting her a god-awful job as an assistant for a snobby actor who turns out to be possessed by a youma. if Mio is ever confronted with anything she's done, she either 1 - denies, denies, denies or 2 - admits it but bursts into tears and cowering in such a way that the confronter feels guilty for it.

Likes: Mamoru, Cute things

Enemies: Usagi, Aino Minako, the Sailor Senshi