Magical Items of PGSM - Sailor Mercury's Items

Silver Bracelet & Jewelry Star Bracelet
Silver Bracelet Jewelry Star Bracelet

First Appeared: Act 2
These items are really only one- the silver bracelet allows for the transformation to happen, but it turns into the Jewelry Star Bracelet when Mercury is transforming.

Crown Karaoke Passport
Crown Karaoke Passport

First Appearance: Act 3
This is a one year passport to Crown Karaoke. It is a necessary item to have because Luna creates a headquarters for the Sailor Senshi in the karaoke, claiming to be "borrowing the space".

Teletia S
Teletia S
First Appeared: Act 3
This cell phone has the ability to act as a communicator with the other senshi, act as a plain phone, and also to act as a disguise device. If Ami takes a photo of someone she will transform into that person.

Ice Sword
Ice Sword
First Appearance: Act 14
This sword was created when Sailor Mercury prays to water for help while fighting Kunzite. The water complies and creates this sword- unfortunately, it dissolves away almost immediately.

Sailor Star Tambourine & Sword
Sailor Star Tambourine Sword

First Appearance: Act 26 & Final Act
The tambourine is a weapon in which energy can be conducted through. It helps to amplify her power, and in the final act it transforms into this sword (the sword is used again in the Special Act).