Luna / Sailor Luna
Sailor Luna Name: Tsukino Luna
Sailor Name: Sailor Luna
Actress: Han Keiko (voice of plushy); Koike Rina (human)
First Appearance: Act 1; "Watashi ga Sailormoon!" [I am Sailormoon!]
Civilian Hair: Dark blue, worn in odango with two short blue pig tails trailing down to chin-length.
Sailor Hair: Blue, worn in two pig tails that trail down to chin-length, with blue cat ears in front of the base of the pig tails.
Family: Tsukino Usagi; Tsukino Shingo; Tsukino Ikuko (all because she kind of ... adopted them)
Past Life: Luna, faithful advisor to Queen Serenity
Attack Element: Candy
Love Interest: Possibly Artemis (not really stated in PGSM)
Image Color: Yellow
Image Songs: Sweet Little Resistance

She is: A cat that fell from the sky onto Usagi's head when she was racing to school. Later, Luna approaches Usagi and tells her she is a Sailor Senshi. Luna is often the source for magical devices, and later when she becomes human she helps to further train the senshi.

Personality: Very mission-oriented, Luna is very driven to help the senshi achieve the goal of not repeating the past mistakes. As a cat, she is more reserved. When she is human, she has a voracious appetite, a lot of energy, and a lot of cheek (especially towards the Shittenou).

Likes: Eating, the Sailor Senshi, chasing after balls.

Enemies: Queen Beryl, the Shittenou, Queen Metallia, Kuroki Mio

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