Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Kamen / Prince Endymion
Tuxedo Kamen Name: Chiba Mamoru
Transformed Name: Tuxedo Kamen; Prince Endymion
Actor: Shibue Jyoji
First Appearance: Act 1; "Watashi ga Sailormoon!" [I am Sailormoon!]
Family: None, although Hina was like family to him
Past Life: Prince Endymion, Prince of Earth who had an ill-fated love with the Moon Princess
Love Interest: Tsukino Usagi
Image Color: Black

He is: Sailormoon's love interest as well as Prince Endymion in a past life. He has ties with both Sailormoon and the senshi as well as the Shittenou. At first he fights as Tuxedo Kamen, but later he fights as Endymion when he transforms.

Personality: Mamoru is always trying to find a balance so that he doesn't end up hurting anyone he loves- be it Usagi or the Shittenou. He ends up having to walk a thin line and manages to be loyal to them both. Mamoru seems a bit serious at first but later we learn that he is more than willing to drop everything and do something that may seem silly to others, from gathering materials to help Shin find his memories to stopping some would-be jewel thieves from getting away. Mamoru is also very romantic towards Usagi and although he teases her, he is quite affectionate with her as well.

Likes: Usagi, Motorcycles, the Beach, the Shittenou

Enemies: Queen Beryl, Queen Metallia, Kuroki Mio

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