How Sailor Moon was born!

This has to be one of the most boring things you can see on a website! It goes on and on about the same thing. Usually only the dubbed version. So for my version I decided that a spin was necessary! I changed the voice and though all the facts are true it has an off-beat quality to it So it's new! If anyone copies this, they are in trouble! But I would like to encourage people to at least TRY to make something new out of How Sailormoon was born. I separated it into manga and anime since the storyline and the feeling of it are different. ^_^ This does prove that you can rewrite a story without making things up.


Once there was born this girl on the moon with this funky hair style in another lifetime. Her name was Princess Serenity. She lived with her mother who also had the same funky hair style only sporting it in white whose name was Queen Serenity. Ok, maybe it was dumb for the Queen to name her Daughter after herself, but anyway...

Princess Serenity was the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, which was part of the Silver Millennium. And it was a peaceful place.

Princess Serenity often looked at Earth. But around the tie she was admiring our little marble of a planet some old witch from a solar flare, self-titled Queen Metallia, came to Earth. Princess Selenity was therefore an unfortunate soul, 'cause she fell in love with a hunky Prince on Earth (named Prince Endymion).

Hunky Prince Endymion had to hold back the two factions. During the war she would sneak off to Earth to have romantic moments with him. But Beryl, a servant at the Palace for some odd reason fell for Endymion, so she and Queen Metallia hooked up and caused more trouble. The people of Earth began to resent the Moon's people. But Prince Endymion, was not phased by this at all, and so tried to in vain reason with both sides.

Anyway, not to ruin anything it ended up tragically. Prince Endymion was killed protecting Princess Serenity, and she committed suicide. Her mother refused for things to end up that way and sent them to Earth as Saturn brought down her glaive.

So now Princess Serenity, reincarnated on Earth as Usagi, met this strange black cat with a bald spot in the shape of a cradle crescent moon named Luna. Usagi turns into this girl with a tight sailor skating type suit minus the blades named Sailor Moon and fights Queen Beryl and her minions since they've reawakened. She is slowly joined by her past life friends, who are also clad in Sailor suits called Sailor Soldiers, and various other sailor soldiers. She fights other enemies besides Queen Beryl, and usually defeats them with various magical attacks in the quest to save Earth and keep the peace in mainly Tokyo.

As Usagi defends the Earth with her friends she grows stronger, braver, more courageous, and learns about her past and more about herself. Despite her fighting all kinds of enemies she stick by her friends and beloved and helps them to the bitter end, if need be.

Usagi just told me to not to drool at Mamo-chan that way... I'm not claiming him really!


There once was this girl who had buns with tails coming out of them in a past time long, long ago. She was a serious-type girl who enjoyed her life on the Moon as the Moon Princess, Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom in the Era of the Silver Millennium. She was not your average girl by far.

The Moon Kingdom was a peaceful place which often had games, parties and fun. Not that you really could blame them much, but the Earth people got jealous of the Moon Kingdom (who doesn't want to go to magnificent balls and things like that). Eventually, Queen Metallia showed up, self-styled herself as the new ruler of Earth, and took Queen Beryl and some generals with her.

Princess Serenity eventually went to Earth and met the handsome Prince Endymion, who was prince of the Earth. They decided to get married, but that was at such an unfortunate time, because Queen Metallia was planning to take over the entire solar system and the Earth and Moon were in her designs for attack.

When Queen Metallia went to attack the Moon Kingdom in her campaign to conquer the universe she found out about the ginzuishou, or the Mystical Silver Crystal. She was defeated, sealed, up and then Princess Serenity and her court were sent to Earth in bubbles to be awakened when trouble stirred up.

Princess Serenity was reincarnated as Tsukino Usagi, a 14 year old coward lazy crybaby who just wanted to be a normal girl. Unfortunately for Usagi she was the Pretty Sailor Suited Soldier for Love and Justice Sailor Moon who would punish various enemies in the quest to rid Earth of evil. As she went through this quest she met other pretty Sailor Soldiers who fought along side her and met back up with her prince and learned that friendship and hope were some of the most important things in the universe. Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is her story.