Crystal Tokyo: the New Silver Millennium, manga

It's actually a surprise to most people to find that the New Silver Millennium is often the era not written as much about in either the archive of fan fiction, or in the archives of the manga and the anime itself. Most of the time line is taken out, and most of the facts come from general knowledge that we know from Chibiusa speaking about her other persona, Small Lady.

However, two common mistakes are made with this timeline... inventing children for the Senshi thus making them guardians for the Small Lady. (It's just plain ugly when they give Hotaru a child.... ^^;; Sheesh, she would be in her teens when she had the child!) and inventing siblings for Small Lady. It's also a common mistake that Chibiusa is still called Chibiusa in the future or some derivation there of. The first rule to making a fan fiction is to call her Small Lady at all times when she is in the future.

I have also specified Manga or Anime. To get more detailed look at the flow of the manga check out the seasons section.


- For Crystal Tokyo to be formed the Earth had to be purified. (both versions)

- First of all Neo-Queen Selenity being 22 when she had Small Lady is a fact that is only true in the manga. Time and mention of when Small Lady was born in the anime is never mentioned. It is mentioned in the manga that she was conceived before the wedding day, which is on best guess in September sometime. (granted that Small Lady was not born premature.)

- When Crystal Tokyo was formed they cast out the enemies to Nemesis, (thus the next arc of SM starts with the Black Moon family) They would not take the cleansing of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou because of the fact that it prolonged life [said in manga only, motivations never really explained in the anime], they thought it was evil to do so. (Both versions except where indicated)

- When Selenity was 22, she ascended to the throne and gave birth to the first princess. After that, she maintained the same figure.

- Usagi conceived Chibiusa before she married Mamoru.

- Usagi married Mamoru and knew she was pregnant with Chibiusa at the wedding. This means the wedding would be roughly in September given that it would be a normal course of pregnancy. (manga only)

- After Usagi married Mamoru, went on honeymoon, etc.

- The Phantom (a form of Chaos) stirred up the people in Crystal Tokyo and convinced them that the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou was evil.

- Neo-Queen Selenity, having given birth to Small Lady, couldn't use the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou full power. So instead, she cast them off to a far off planet. (which does exist)

- The Phantom, then joined with that planet, and then took a physical form, as Wiseman. He brainwashed people with his Evil eye, and then made them do his dirty work. They came back to Earth to get rid of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou's evil power which they thought was holding the people of Earth Hostage.

- Peace started and was there for roughly 900 years. During that time Prisoners were sent to Nemesis.

- Small Lady is constantly made fun of for not being the Queen's daughter. Mostly because she did not have the sigil on her head and also had no friends.

- Small Lady meets Sailor Pluto and gets Luna-P from her. Small Lady and Sailor Pluto become friends.

- Small Lady also gets Diana for her birthday from her parents and Pluto.

- Small Lady takes the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou, at the worst possible time. At the same time that the Black Moon is attacking, she smashes the case with Luna P (in the manga), and then takes it, which means that the shields and defenses are down. [In the anime she turns it into something where she cuts the glass and takes it, then it gets absorbed into her body.. in the manga this never happens.]

- Neo-Queen Selenity comes looking for Small Lady, and sees that the Crystal is gone after the attacks start (since she's deeply concerned)

- Neo-Queen Selenity goes outside, finds Prince Dimando, who has never seen her before, and then he tries to possess her. Since the Crystal is still linked to Neo-Queen Selenity, it protects her.

- Neo-Queen Selenity is encased in Crystal and poor Small Lady sees it all.

- King Endymion, Sailor Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus were defeated in a battle.

- The Black Moon then poisons the city. People die.. and the only one not affected is Small Lady and Diana.. (and people wonder why Chibiusa has a complex.. O_o;).

- In the anime, Small Lady went to the past on her own, but with the knowledge of Pluto. In the manga, she got the idea to go to the past from King Endymion, and then stole the keys from Pluto, but Pluto was not informed that it was Small Lady or that it was King Endymion's idea. (sorta mean, ne?)

- King Endymion sends Small Lady to the past, and Small Lady steals the keys from Sailor Pluto, failing to mention it's an order of the King.. and the rest is history. (including Mamoru calling Small Lady "Chibiusa"... and it sticking..)

General Facts

- Remember what I said about Quartz.. Umm.. Well.. Crystal Tokyo seems to correspond with that.. it's both got to do with intellect, healing, etc. And Crystal Tokyo seems to be made of the stuff. (Which doesn't really surprise me!)

- Crystal Tokyo is often centered around Small Lady, who is never, ever called Chibiusa there, since "Chibiusa" is an invention of Mamoru, not Neo-Queen Serenity..

- Small Lady also in the future according to the manga has the Sailor Quartet as her personal guardians. (as the Inners are to Usagi) ^_^ I'm covering that storyline since it hasn't been done before properly. However in the anime her story is greatly shortened.

- Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion according to both manga and anime have indications that they were away very, very often from the Palace, and that Small Lady as a result was alone. So her parents are often seen as role models rather than parents. To her they were something distant and something she does not understand that much, which is why she is so fond of Usagi and Mamoru and thinks them and her parents as two separate entities. This might have contributed to her loneliness and unsociability at the very beginning and most likely to the "brat" attitude that most people associate her with.

- However, in the manga version she slowly learns to socialize, where as in the anime, she never learns to open up as much. (though she does gain friends)

- The Inner Senshi are guardians of the royal family, and the Outer senshi are not around, since most of the attacks were within the solar system, or Crystal Tokyo was peaceful. The Outers only show up anyway when there is a risk of the future being not there (thus the Moon Kingdom falling) or when there is an attack from outside the solar system. Since Small Lady was born there was no need for them, so they didn't show up and so she doesn't know them. (as evidence when she met Sailor Saturn the first time and had no clue as to who she was) She only would know them from her past interactions.

- For Crystal Tokyo to be formed the Earth had to be purified. (indicated in the manga, said in the anime)

- The Silver Millennium was not a thousand years ago (an invention of the dub).. you could consider it a time loop.. so therefore we don't have an exact date for when the New Silver Millenium started save for that it's in the 30th century (doesn't mean it started then, but it at least goes through that century). We have no idea when it really started in the anime. In the manga it technically started at the very beginbing when Usagi defeated Queen Metallia, but she refused the throne. Crystal Tokyo was established at an unknown time.

-The lifespan of people in the Silver Millennium is about one thousand years. After adulthood is reached, the aging process is stopped.

- Kids age slow in the Future. (Materials Collection)

- Unlike the anime, in the manga the Earth was NOT frozen over. The attacks were recent.

- The Mystical Silver Crystal also acted as a barrier against the enemy, indicated in the manga and said in the anime. They harnessed the crystal to make it put a barrier around the palace. That must have changed when Small Lady became a Sailor Soldier.

- Small Lady's crystal evolved into the Pink Moon Crystal.

- Most of Crystal Tokyo seems to be made of Quartz. Quartz is very common and easy to come by. It's generally cheap and hard, but easy to shape and work with.

- Crystal Tokyo is full of technology and commerce. It's full of prosperity and the arts..

- On the bright side you have no idea what the actual clothes for the common folk are. There is only one indication, but that is only one of a thousand.. It seems there is some Victorian influence in the clothes. Since Earth is prosperous, it allows for more fancy clothes, and sophistication. We also know that Sailor Fuku must has survived that long since Small Lady arrives in one.

- In the Silver Millennium Small Lady is tutored. (it is indicated to be by Sailor Mercury)

- She usually does not have many friends in the future, which is why in the anime she hated going back there since most of the other children teased her, or she was constantly compared to / treated like royalty.

- In the manga she did earn the title of Princess Lady Selenity.. but that was only said in the Materials Collection and was never followed through in the manga.

- Of course research helps! Looking into areas that I might have mentioned, but you don't know about.. ^_^ One of my favorite subjects that I tell people to research is Ki and Eastern Philosophy.. it has a large impact on how stories are written.