About the Moon Kingdom, First Silver Millenium Manga

Actually most people contend that the details are sketchy.. and while I would agree, there are certain facts that you should be able to find out about it. Most of these facts come from the Manga, not the anime, when the anime was involve, I noted it. There is one dubbed note, but that is to disclaim something.


- The Silver Millennium was not a thousand years ago (an invention of the dub).. you could consider it a time loop..

- Queen Selenity came from the Galaxy Cauldron. 1

- The Sailor Crystals of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn soon follow.

- Sailor Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter are given their castles and pledge allegiance to Queen Selenity.

- Queen Selenity becomes pregnant.

- Princess Selenity is born.

- After Princess Selenity was born she grew to the age of the other Princesses.

- At the birth of the Moon Princess the daughters of the other kingdoms came and pledged their allegiance to the new Moon princess, Princess Selenity. 2

- At this time Queen Nehellennia from a rival kingdom on the moon attacked, jealous that she was not invited to the birth ceremony.

- Queen Selenity sealed Queen Nehellennia into a mirror. 2

- Princess Selenity is told about Nehellennia.

- It became peaceful again.

- Princess Selenity grew up with the Senshi around her.

- Mercury was the one who tutored Selenity.

- Selenity was fascinated with Earth BEFORE she went to Earth.

- Princess Selenity then went to Earth, found the Prince, and then they started all their secret encounters on Earth.

- Beryl saw most of the encounters between the Prince and the Princess. She looks like she was some sort of servant. She loved Endymion before Selenity did. She does not seem to be royalty, which is most likely why she couldn't have Endymion.

- The shittenou (who represented different sections of Earth) fell in love with the senshi from the Inner system.

- Metallia came from some strange energy from the Sun and before that she came from Chaos's desire for the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou. (This is indicated to be in the same year or very close in time line to Princess Selenity meeting Prince Endymion.)

- Then she descended upon Earth. She contacted Beryl and used her jealousy against the Moon Kingdom. Beryl quickly gained power on Earth and then turned the Generals against the Moon kingdom. They sold their souls to the Dark Kingdom.

- The people of Earth wanted the longevity that the people of the Moon had.

- The Earth and the Moon came to be at war.

- Prince Endymion tries to dissuade people.

- The generals were converted to the Dark Kingdom, selling their souls to it.

- Prince Endymion died trying to save Princess Selenity.

- When Princess Selenity saw Prince Endymion sacrifice himself for her she was overcome by grief and took his sword and plunged it into her stomach. Queen Selenity saw this and was overcome by her own grief.

- When the Earth attacked the Moon it was Queen Selenity who stopped the oncoming forces, but because she was so grieved over the fact that her daughter committed suicide, she could not finish the seal before she died.

- She sent all the senshi from the inner solar system to Earth. (The Sailor Soldiers from the Outer part of the Solar System were not sent according to the manga since Luna said Neptune and Uranus were not supposed to be reborn.)

- Luna and Artemis were sent into deep sleep should the evil arise again.

- The Moon Kingdom is turned to stone and broken apart.

- The Earth Kingdom is destroyed.

- Then the Sailor Soldiers from the Outer part of the Solar system arrived on the scene, and unknown to them they created Sailor Saturn.

- Sailor Saturn destroyed everything. The only thing that stood was the Earth.. So therefore Takeuchi-sensei covered her back and said that the Silver Millennium never really would exist for us because time was restarted for this solar system.

- Evolution on the Earth started all over again.

General Facts

- It was a matriarchy. This was evidenced by the fact that Princess Serenity was to inherit the throne.

- The Queen reproduced by making carbon copy of herself. That is she had Princess Serenity asexually. (This is a myth about the Goddess Selene as well.)

- The job of the Moon was to guide Earth, which was not as advanced as the Moon in its evolution. The Moon specifically was there to rid Earth of the negative influences and guide the Earth into a positive direction. (this was the basis also a certain amount of jealousy was responsible for the war between Earth and the Moon... and at least it's indicated... )

- The Guardian Sailor Soldiers liked to tease Princess Selenity and tell her scary stories.

- All the Princesses were named after their planets (Except for the moon who were all called "Selenity" or Serenity (depends on how you choose to Romanize.). There is no evidence of Japanese culture in the Silver Millennium.

- The Princesses are all incarnations of a goddess or god (though that's only implied).

- The Moon Kingdom was under the protection of the Goddess Selene.

- Princess Selenity was more mature than Usagi was. (this was implied in the manga) Though she still was lazy and somewhat of a crybaby... until her 16th B-day...

- Princess Selenity's hair was always white. There are a few exceptions.

- The Maboroshi no Ginzuishou follows the heart and will of the user, and even subconscious wills and desires.

- Pluto was given her powers by Queen Selenity. The power of Time Stop was revealed around then, and most likely BEFORE Princess Selenity was born.

- Queen Selenity also gave the Sailor Soldiers from the Outer part of the Solar system their castles and it's indicated their talismans too.

- Names were most likely Greek or Latin in origin in the Silver Millennium. (not Japanese)

- Princess Serenity / Selenity, had no siblings because it was said explicitly in the manga that from generation to generation, the Millennium's queen only gives birth to one princess. Meaning that Princess Selenity could not have 1. a brother 2. any kind of sibling. (Parallel Sailormoon is a story outside of the timeline)


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