How to make a cardian: You should already have a deck of cards, ready to be used. Spread the cards out, and make sure they aren't facing your partner. Warning: Make sure that someone else picks the card. (preferably your beloved). Then play you flute in a particular melody. (make sure you have the right kind of flute to do this, it's not known if this will work with any other kind of flute.)

Vampir / Vampeal (47)
Minotaur (48)
Fur Lion (49)
Heruanto / Nacrid (50)
Racy (51)
Gigarosu / Vulturos (52)
Amadeusu / Skulker (53)
Siren / Amphibia (54)
Utonberino / Mophead (55)
Bipierrot / Pierrot (56)
Mysterious Cardian (57)
Aamanju / Insetia (57)
Yamandakka / Four Face (58)