How to make a daimon egg: OK.. the process goes like this, you take a cell (animal, I think) inject it with this unknown stuff, you put it into a vat of green stuff and wait for the glass to shatter. If it has worked properly it should glow in the dark and float in the air while you cackle wildly. Though I don't know if you want to deal with the glass costs and the cost of the chemicals. The next step is to find it an object to hide in. The egg will hatch and then the cell will spread and eventually absorb into the object. Then it will be ready to attack those with a pure heart. It's usually endowed with the properties of the object it decides to hide in, so make sure the daimon egg chooses carefully, or your assistant. This process is subject to change depending n how evil you want to be and who your assistant is, but the basic process is the same.

Mikuji (90)
Nekonnell (91)
Steering (92)
Dobrin (97)
Soiya (103)
Chagaama (104)