PGSM-style Youma
How to make a PGSM-style Youma. Well, in the case of Jadeite and Nephrite, you can either call a youma to possess a human victim or you can create one using a special type of stone that Beryl-sama gives you. In the case of Zoisite, you should compose one musically, though you may need special powers and/or a magic piano to accomplish this. In the case of Kunzite, you can either turn a person into a youma using a hair wrapped around the victim's neck, or just call them from thin air. In Metallia's case, you should be able to create them from the ginzuishou's energy if Sailormoon has used too much power; call them up from the earth or wherever... the more Sailormoon uses her power the stronger the youma will be. In the case of Serenity, use the ginzuishou to create super-strong Youma from thin-air to distract your guardians. In Mio's case, you can just use your dark energy to create a couple.

[Jadeite Youma #1] Possessed Osaka Mayumi Youma (Act 1)
[Jadeite Youma #2] Possessed Tutor Youma (Act 2)
[Jadeite Youma #3] Plane Youma (Act3)
[Nephrite Youma #1] Cloning Youma (Act 4)
[Nephrite Youma #2] Bouncing Youma (Act 5)
[Jadeite Youma #4] Possessed Takeru-san Youma (Act 6)
[Jadeite Youma #5] Amusement Park Straw Youma (Act 7)
[Zoisite Youma #1] "Requiem for a Princess" Youma (Act 10)
[Nephrite Youma #3] Possessed Shacho Youma (Act 12)
[Kunzite Youma #1] Human Girl Transformed into Youma (Act 13)
[Nephrite Youma #4] Possessed Police Officer Youma (Act 15)
[Kunzite Youma #2] Sand-trap Youma (Act 16)
[Jadeite Youma #6] Church Youma (Act 17-18)
[Nephrite Youma #6] Princess-seeking Youma (Act 19)
Illusion Youma (Act 20)
Amusement Park Jester Youma (Act 22)
[Nephrite Youma #7] Glue-goo Youma (Act 23)
[Kunzite Youma #3] Science Building Youma (Act 24)
[Jadeite Youma #7] Freezing Youma (Act 25)
[Nephrite Youma #8] Airport Youma (Act 26)
[Kunzite Youma #4] Chess-piece Youma (Act 28)
Invulnerable Caped Youma (Act 29)
Rope-armed Youma (Act 30)
Metallia's Golem Youma (Act 31, 37, 38, 40, 41, 43, 47)
Stone Youma (Act 31)
Possessed Yuuto Youma (Act 32)
Flower Youma (Act 33-34)
[Kunzite Youma #5] Sniper Youma (Act 39)
Incredibly Strong Energy-zapping Youma (Act 41, 42, 43, 44, 45)
Water Youma (Act 43)
Spikey Red Youma (Act 43)
[Zoisite Youma #2] Silver Usagi-targeting Youma (Act 44)
Metallia-possessed Youma [upgrade of energy-zapping youma] (Act 45, 46)
[Jadeite Youma #8] Metallia Energy-extracting Youma (Act 47)
Serenity's Youma (Final Act)
Shield (Special Act)
Sword (Special Act)