Sailor Uranus
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Personality & Fandom

Name Information
Transformed Name:
Sailor Uranus
Princess Uranus

Transformed Name Characters:

Transformed Name Pronounced:

Japanese Name:
Tenoh Haruka (as according to the official manga and anime)

Japanese Name Characters:
Tenoh Haruka

Japanese Name Pronounced:
Teh-n-oh Hah-roo-kah

Japanese Name Definition: Sky King

Japanese Nicknames:
Everyone: Haruka-san
Michiru: Haruka
Young Hotaru:Haruka-papa

North American Names:
Mixx - Haruka Tenoh (Tenou)
meaning: Distant, Sky King
DiC - N/A
CWI - Amara Tenoh (Tenou)
meaning: Unfading (Greek)/ Eternal (German)/ Beloved, Sky King
Irwin - Corinn
meaning: Maiden
Fans - Alex
meaning: Protector of Mankind

North American Nicknames:

Names in Other Countries:
France: Frédérique
Mexico: Haruka Ten'ou
Italy: Heles

Sailor Information

Sky [Uses Wind and Light, Materials Collection]

Manga Title:
[Soldier of Sky; Soldier of Flight]

Castle / Palace / Kingdom:
Miranda Castle [manga only]

Image Gemstone:
Amber (?)

Image Color:

Challenge/Introduction Words:
Kanji/Kana: Tenkuu no hoshi, tennousei wo shugoni motsu, hishou no senshi, Sera Uranusu!
Romanji: "Tenkuu no hoshi, tennousei wo shugoni motsu, hishou no senshi, sehrah uranusu"
English Translation: "I hold the protection of the Star of the Sky, Uranus. I am the soldier of flight, Sailor Uranus."

Transformation Words:


Uranus Planet Power! Make Up!
Japanese: Volume 8, Act 27, Page 157
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 8, Act 27, Page 159

Uranus Crystal Power! Make Up!
Japanese: Volume 14, Act 39, Page 67
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: SuperS Volume 3, Act 6, Page 65


Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!
Japanese: Episode 106
NA: Episode 99, Uranus Planet Power



World Shaking!
Japanese: Volume 8, Act 27, Page 107
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Volume 8, Act 27, Page 110

Space Sword Blaster!
Japanese: Volume 9, Act 31, Page 139
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Volume 9, Act 31, Page 141

Space Turbulence!
Japanese: Volume 16, Act 43, Page 48
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Stars Volume 1, Act 1, Page 48


World Shaking!
Japanese: Episode 106
NA: Episode 99, Uranus World Shaking [sometimes says just "World Shaking" as well.]

Space Sword Blaster!
Japanese: Sailor Moon SuperS Movie
NA: Sailor Moon SuperS Movie

Special Powers

Manipulation of Light and Wind


Personal Information
Date of Birth:
January 27

Beginning Age:

End Age:

Current Age:
21 [As calculated from fan book b-dates]

Estimated Height:
5'9" [Estimated from fan books]

Blood Type:

Zodiac Sign:

Zodiac Symbol:
The Water Bearer/Pourer

Zodiac Ruling Planet:

Zodiac Element:

Zodiac Colors:
Electric blue and Turquoise

Zodiac Metal:

Zodiac Gemstone:

Zodiac Plant:
Elderberry and other fruit trees

Zodiac Flower:
Orchids and Golden Rain


Birth Flower:

Likes and Dislikes
Favorite Food:

Least Favorite Food:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Flower:

Favorite Animal:

Favorite Subject:
Physical Education

Worst Subject:
Modern Japanese

Strong Point:

Has Trouble With:

Special Strengths:
? (Irwin)

? (Irwin)

Dislikes: ? (Irwin)


Japanese Clubs:
Track and Field

Manga - To be a racer
Anime - To be a racer

Schooling and Living Accommodations
Manga and Anime: No family is mentioned.
DiC: N/A
CWI: Her 'cousin' Michelle. (Also Sailor Neptune -_-;)

Manga - In a condo with Michiru until it sort of got blown up.
Anime - In the anime they lived in an apartment together, but not a condo. Their secret benefactor didn't seem to give much more money than that, and then in both versions she moved to a Victorian Empire house with Michiru and Setsuna to raise Hotaru.
DiC - N/A
CWI - She and Michelle lived in an apartment together. Later she moves to a Victorian Empire house with Michelle and Tristan to raise Hotaru.

Schools Attended:

Junior High:
Manga: ?
Anime: Mugen Gakuen
DiC: N/A
CWI: Infinity Academy

High School:
Manga: Mugen Gakeun (until Infinity Manga);
Minato-ku [means "Port District"] Juuban High School
Anime: Mugen Gakuen (until Sailor Moon SuperS)

In the Real World
Anime Original Character Designer:
Itoh Ikuko

Ogata Megumi

English Voice Actor:
Sara Lafleur

Musical Acting By:
Kimura Sanae [1994 - 1998]; Takagi Nao [1998 - 2002]; Uchida Asako [2002 - 2004]; Nakayama Akiko [2004 - 2005]

Manga Appearance:
Japanese: Volume 7, Act 24, Page 131
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 7, Act 24, Page 129

Anime Episode Number and Name Appearance:
As Sailor Uranus: Episode 90, "Chikyuu houkai no yokan? Nazono shinsenshi shutsugen" [The premonition of the world's destruction? Enter the mysterious new warriors.]
As Haruka: Episode 92, "Sutekina bishounen?? Tenoh Haruka no himitsu" [A pretty boy?? The secret of Tenoh Haruka]
NA Dub: As Sailor Uranus: Episode 90, "Star Struck, Bad Luck"
As Haruka: Episode 92 "Driving Dangerously"

Character Fanlisting: Kaze ni Naritai

Personality and Fandom
Takeuchi Naoko's Notes:
  • The soldier of the sky, Sailor Uranus. (She manipulates wind and light.)
  • Uranus's item, a sword.
  • Haruka in male clothes.
  • Conceited, smooth, light, funny, selfish. A brilliant racer. Ignorant of the world.
  • Selfish and stubborn. Black-and-white type. Radical Hard. She hates being restrained.
  • Haruka in female clothes.
  • She plays a male role in Takarazuka. A silky voice suits her well!
  • Her clothes have lots of leather.
  • Her waist is super-thin!
  • She often wears very short miniskirts, hot pants, things like that.
  • History:

    Infinity Manga (for convenience sake)
    The tough distant fighter, Haruka was introduced to us. She immediately beat up Makoto and she also kissed Sailor Moon as Uranus (a show of dedication). She made Mamoru jealous when he thought she was a boy. She owns her own helicopter like Michiru-san too. This is one tough person, but what is her history?

    We don't actually know. Her history compared to the other the Senshi from the Outer Solar System is shorter in length. this does give the distance that Haruka means. It's indicated that she's been fighting with Michiru a long time. And in the past she was asleep until just before the Moon Kingdom was destroyed.. but other than that no history is really given. rather it's built.

    The Dream Manga (for convenience sake)
    She is taking care of pesky Hotaru and living happily with Michiru in a large Victorian Empire house. She's content, until Hotaru awakens as Sailor Saturn. Her dream is revealed in this manga too. She wants to always be a happily family with Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru. No more deep history is really revealed.

    The Stars Manga (for convenience sake)
    Uhh.. she dies, but don't worry.. she still gets to show her displeasure towards Seiya getting so close to Usagi and Seiya's interest in Usagi. Her affection for Odango is shown strongly, though it is not Eros love at all. She dies just before the Senshi from the Outer Solar System set up the parameter to keep out invaders.

    In the anime her life before she became a Sailor Soldier is shown instead of her past life. The anime illustrates how she met Michiru and fell in love with her. It tells her dreams and mentality before she had to become a Sailor Solider. It shows her as much more flirtatious than when she was in the manga. She flirts wit a lot of women.. which was never seen in the manga.




    Sera Myu:
    It depended on who played her. Check the Musicals section for more info.

    NA Dub
    Let's say that the casting director did not have the dignity to cast a male voice for the part. Because of this Sara lafluer had to struggle for her entire part trying to make her voice lower, and could not concentrate on voicing the character's emotions. While Haruka is warm and affectionate at times, but secretive about it, poor Amara is stiff, aloof, and has constant voice changes.

    A voice actor cannot both make their voice lower and show a full range of emotions at the same time. It's easier for a person with a lower voice to voice more emotions than a person with a higher voice, trying to make their voice lower and voice emotions. Thus Amara was stiff, aloof, and seemingly unforgiving as well as plain mean when it came to her teasing of Serena.

    Due to the drastic changes in her character in the script, she also came off as uncaring, and a bit weird.

    Any sort of affection found in Haruka was squeezed out when Amara was formed and made. The affection in Haruka gives dimension to her character, and balances out her other traits that would make her an unlikable character.

    Why She is So Cool!:
    A lot of people out there are afraid of her because she's so aggressive, but I think that’s really cool. She is goal-oriented and has a great amount of focus. Some might call her rash, but that may be her way of showing her caring.

    She is the fastest of the senshi in this solar system. She loves to race and she likes to drive the same kind of car that Takeuchi-sensei drove (umm... I wonder why?). She owns a Azzuro Hyperion Ferrari in deep blue. (manga info on type of car)

    She is very protective of Usagi, who she calls odango-atama (affectionately). (I still have to hear confirmation of just odango in the anime.)

    My Tribute Poem to this Magnificent Character:
    Tenoh Haruka/ Alex by fans, Corrin by box
    Live with Michiru
    Separate rooms
    Sailor Uranus/ Distant Sky king
    You have a lot of free time
    Takeuchi-sensei said so
    Dress as a boy
    You seem queer
    Trusted, or enemy?
    We found your loyalties in Usagi
    One ring circling vertically
    Your love of embrace
    Makes some wonder
    Many turn there heads
    Thinking you are a boy
    But Princess Uranus
    Once they understand
    They'll like you too
    Sailor Uranus