Rules of the Sailormoon Universe
Everything contained on this page should be considered subjective.

Codename wa Sailor V
Japan only, as in it wasn't translated in America
Not Appearing
Not Stated

About the Senshi
Attribute Manga Anime NA
All Sailor names are their planetary body names
The Sailors' last names contain their element*
Names of the castles are named after the moons or satellites of the respective planets
All Senshi attacks have to do with their element and/or mythology
Sailors can date, but they will never truly fall in love because they must give their protection first and foremost to their Princess.
Only the leader senshi can have talking cats
Only girls can be Sailor Senshi
Guys can be senshi, but only if they have a Princess they are destined to be with.
There is no Sailor Sun [Mamoru represents that & Earth]
There is no Sailor Earth [Mamoru represents that & Sun]
Princess names must be from their planet except central princesses' names.
All Princes are mysterious in one way or another.
The Palace is a union of proof of love between the Prince & Princess when they join in marriage.

About the Solar Systems
Attribute Manga Anime NA
All Princesses live on their Moon
Only the central princess is destined to be with someone*
The Central Princess lives on the Moon, which circles the Prince's planet.
Very few Princesses and Princes ever marry.
Each planet has a Senshi
Each Solar System that has more than one planet has a Princess & Prince.
Sailors give up their Princessdom to protect the Princess and Prince, and primarily are their to protect the Princess.
Only one of the Sailors is the leader of the protecting Sailor Senshi

About the Crystals
Attribute Manga Anime NA
Each Sailor has a Crystal
When a Crystal leaves a Sailor's body, the Sailor dies.
Everyone has a starseed, but the Sailor's starseed is their crystal [manga only].
Each Crystal outside of it's holder looks like a diamond (except for Sailormoon and Sailorchibimoon's).
The Silver Moon Crystal is different from the Ginzuishou
The Ginzuishou is the most powerful Crystal in this Galaxy, none can rival it. The only limitation is the power and capability of its user.*
The Pink Moon Crystal is an evolved version of the Ginzuishou

About the Moon Family
Attribute Manga Anime NA
Queen Nehelenia states that Princess Serenity was a carbon copy of her mother -- there was no father
The Moon Family can have only one child, always a princess per generation*

General Rules
Attribute Manga Anime NA
Any manga/anime guy with a[n] manga/anime girl who are destined to be together and show up together are drawn gorgeous.
Each series/arc of SM (after first series/arc) has one really young kawaii girl that knows.
The manga is darker than the anime of Sailormoon and tends to develop the main characters more.
The anime is slower in plot line, but tends to develop enemies and minor characters more.
All the good looking guys are killed by a person that usually is a senshi, indirectly.
All the good looking guys usually succumb or are infected by evil.
All the baddies are usually killed by other baddies and have a tendency to turn good.
Odango (as opposed to buns) are worn only by princess/queens and guardian cats.
Enemy organization is:
Major Baddie (girl & evil energy source/void) -->
2nd Major Baddie (girl) -->
Several Medium Baddies (any gender) -->
Monster lowlifes in the anime (no particular gender)
Enemy Organization is:
Major Baddie (girl and energy source/void) -->
2nd Major Baddie (girl) -->
Several Medium Baddies (any gender, more likely to turn good) -->
Monster of the Day (usually female, but not always) -->
Monster of the Day's two second minions (both Genders)
The majority of the names of Monsters of the Day are from Mythology