Sailor Luna [PGSM Only]
Sailor Luna Transforms

Magical Items
Moonlight Stick
First Used: Act 26
This item is used to perform her attacks. It looks identical to Sailormoon's Moonlight Stick but performs different powers. It's first seen at the end of Act 26 when she challenges Dark Mercury.

First Used: Act 27
This is her transformation item and also her cell phone. She pushes the buttons 6-7-2 to transform into a senshi.

Harisen / Golden Harisen
First Used: Act 27 (Harisen), Act 39 (Golden Harisen)
This item is an attack tool, but it's kind of weak... ^_^; it is really the moonlight stick transformed so she can hit the enemy over the head with it. More annoying than effective, really.

Karaoke crown Passport
First Used: Act 29
This item is exactly like the senshi's, but because Luna appears to be a child around 8-10 years old Motoki still refuses to let her in by herself. Makoto intervenes and Motoki allows her in anyway.


Luna Prism Power! Make Up!
First Used: Act 27
Luna's transformation to Sailor Luna. She can't become human until after the Ginzuishou is revealed, but after that she makes it her mission to effectively train the senshi. Unfortunately, if she sneezes she turns back into a plushie cat!


Luna Sucre Candy!
First Used: Act 29

Special Powers
(Special Hearing)
First Used: Act 39
Luna's cat ears can hear much better than normal human hearing. This is useful to obtain information or find things.