Beryl and Queen Beryl General Gem Information:
Beryl is a gemstone that is a typically translucent mineral formed from beryllium aluminium sillicate, but has several colored varieties. Only the red and yellow versions are commonly called Beryl, (blue Beryls are known as 'aquamarines' and green beryls are 'emeralds')
Red Beryl is the rarest type of the stone, with this particular color having very limited gemstone-quality stones. In fact, Red Beryls are only mined from one location, the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah.

Other Properties:
Beryl also enhances psychic abilities and awareness and expands the mind. It can instill confidence and stimulates the mind. It is a lucky stone that acts as a fountain of youth. It protects from danger and can be used in the treatment of heart, liver, spine, or other disorders. During the renaissance, spheres of Beryl were created for scrying, (also known as crystal gazing). Furthermore, the ancient Greeks believed that the Beryl would give power to armies during battles or lawyers during cases.

Notations on Wearing Beryl:
The signs linked to Beryl are Scorpio and Sagittarius. Beryl should be set in either or a silver necklace or a silver ring that is worn on the left ring finger.

Links between Beryl and Queen Beryl:
Beryl desires youth, beauty, and power which are all things the stone is known to bring. Because Beryl's image colors are red and purple, we may take that to mean she is a 'rare' gem. Beryl also uses a crystal ball as a scrying tool, perhaps in reference to a common use of the stone.

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