Malachite and Malachite General Gem Information: Malachite is a carbonate mineral which is also known as copper carbonate hydroxide. It is banded with light and dark green in one of a kind designs on each stone. It is a beautiful and popular stone, but not particularly rare (even less rare than Jade).

Other Properties:
Malachite has been used as far back as 4000 BC by the ancient Egyptians, where it was used for jewelry and ground into a fine powder to make ancient eye shadow. Amulets made from Malachite protect against the evil eye, and it has been used to protect children from witchcraft. The stone has multiple healing properties, including healing illnesses within the kidneys, liver, lungs, and the immune system. It also helps with mental and emotional issues but drawing out pain, depression and anger. Malachite is used to create harmony within one's life. It also helps with increasing concentration and protects against bad business partners.

Notations on Wearing Malachite:
It is associated with the signs Capricorn and Scorpio. It is called the Stone of Transformation, and it is a gemstone symbolic of the 13th year of marriage.

Links between Malachite and Malachite of the Negaverse:
Malachite is very flexible in its uses, ranging from healing physical ailments to warding off those who wish harm. Malachite was the most powerful of the Generals, and this could be a nod to it. Though most likely, the dub wanted to remain consistent in the gemstone naming but still felt compelled to change the name... hmm... maybe they just wanted all the 'boys' to be green stones and all the, um, girls *glances over at Zoicite* to be purple... um, yeah... *rolls eyes*

Find Your Fate- Malachite