Zoisite and Zoisite General Gem Information:
Zoisite has been known for almost 200 years as a limited distribution gemstone from calcium aluminum silicate hydroxide. It has a variety of colors associated with it, though perhaps the most recently discovered variety 'tanzanite' is the most popular (Tanzanite is very rare and was discovered in small quantities within Tanzania) - Tanzanite is a blue-lavender color.

Other Properties:
Zoisite hypnotically calls you back to what you want to be doing, and can be useful in reminding you of your purpose. It also boosts physical energy, creates stamina within the mind, and stimulates the body and mind to amplify talents. It also acts to strengthen the heart, adrenals, and reproductive Chakra.

Notations on Wearing Zoisite:
Care for Zoisite carefully by avoiding steam and sudden temperature changes around or on the gemstone.

Links between Zoisite and Zoisite of the Shittenou:
In the manga, Zoisite creates a sort of mass hypnosis over hordes of people to help him in his search for the ginzuishou. This is similar to consistent reminders of what to do as it involves influence with energy and mental/emotional states.

Find Your Fate - Zoisite