Volume 14
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Date Published: 1996

Containing Acts: 39-40

Important Story Moments:
Act 39, 'Yume 6 - New Soldier Dream'

  • Setsuna notices the evil in the solar eclipse [p.17]
  • Setsuna discovers she can't transform [p.18]
  • As Hotaru practices her violin, an image of Sailor Chibimoon and Pegasus appears [p.21-24]
  • Hotaru encounters Sailor Saturn and awakens as a soldier [p.34-41]
  • Hotaru gives Setsuna her sailor crystal [p.44-45]
  • Hotaru gives Haruka her sailor crystal [p.44-45]
  • Hotaru gives Michiru her sailor crystal [p.44-45]
  • First appearance of Hotaru's sailor crystal [p.44-45]
  • Minako is rescued from her fall from Artemis [p.51]
  • First appearance of Human Artemis [p.52]
  • Minako receives her sailor crystal [p.53]
  • Minako first transforms with 'Venus Crystal Power! Make Up!!' [p.53-54]
  • Sailor Venus first uses 'Venus Love and Beauty Shock!' [p.55-56]
  • Xenotime and Xeolite are killed [p.56-57]
  • The Amazoness Quartet attack the inner senshi with Lemures [p.59-61]
  • Usagi shows signs of having Mamoru's illness [p.64]
  • Michiru first transforms with 'Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up!' [p.67]
  • Haruka first transforms with 'Uranus Crystal Power, Make Up!' [p.67]
  • Setsuna first transforms with 'Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up!' [p.67]
  • Michiru first transforms with 'Saturn Crystal Power, Make Up!' [p.67]
  • Super Sailor Chibimoon returns the deep aqua mirror to Sailor Neptune [p.84-85]
  • Usagi and Mamoru are transformed into babies [p.97]
  • Helios takes the baby Usagi and Mamoru to Elysion [p.99- 10]
  • Sailor Saturn performs 'Silence Wall!!' [p.103]
  • Sailor Saturn performs 'Sile nce Glaive Surprise!!' [p.104]
  • Zirconia places the Amazoness Quartet inside gems [p.107]
  • Zirconia traps Chibimoon and Saturn inside mirror pieces [p.110]
  • Zirconia places the mirror pieces and gems inside the mirror Nehellenia is trapped in [p.111]
  • Act 40, 'Yume 7 - Elysion Dream'

  • Elysion is in ruins [p.120]
  • The Golden Crystal is mentioned and Usagi guesses it is sealed within Mamoru's body [p.130-131]
  • The Sailor Senshi are reunited [p.140]
  • Zirconia attacks the Sailor Senshi [p.141]
  • Helios uses all his power to lift the attack on the senshi and fades away [p.1146-148]
  • Zirconia directly attacks Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen [p.152-153]
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