Volume 15
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
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Date Published: 1996

Containing Acts: 41-42; Chibiusa's Picture Diary #3

Important Story Moments:
Act 41, 'Yume 8 - Dead Moon Dream'

  • The senshi are trapped inside a nightmare [p.6]
  • The Earth is swallowed in darkness [p.10]
  • Tuxedo Kamen slaps the senshi awake from the nightmare [p.12]
  • The senshi use 'Sailor Planet Power, Meditation!!!' [p.17-18]
  • Super Sailormoon follows Zirconia into the mirror [p.22]
  • Super Sailormoon finds Super Sailor Chibimoon and Sailor Saturn in the broken glass [p.25]
  • Super Sailormoon releases Chibimoon and Saturn from the broken glass [p.28]
  • Super Sailormoon asks the senshi outside of the mirror to break the glass now that she has freed her companions [p.30]
  • The Dead Moon Circus retreats from the Earth and descends to Elysion [p.34-35]
  • The senshi go to Elysion [p.40]
  • First appearance of the Maenads [p.41]
  • The Dead Moon Circus's ship arrives in Elysion [p.46-47]
  • Queen Nehellenia introduces herself and challenges Sailormoon for rule over the Earth [p.49-51]
  • The backstory behind Queen Nehellenia in the past is revealed [p.56-66]
  • Queen Nehellenia steals the ginzuishou [p.68-70]
  • Mamoru combines his powers with Usagi's [p.72-77]
  • The Sailor Senshi all revert into their princess forms [p.78-79]
  • The cats revert to human form, first appearance of human Diana [p.80]
  • The sailor guardians appear and direct the Princesses to put their powers into the holy chalice [p.81-84]
  • The senshi power up the holy chalice and Super Sailormoon transforms into Eternal Sailormoon with 'Silver Moon Crystal Power! Make Up!' [p.85-89]
  • Act 42, 'Yume 9 - Earth and Moon Dream'

  • The maboroshi no ginzuishou evolves into the Silver Moon Crystal [p.95]
  • Eternal Sailormoon first performs 'Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!!!' [p.100]
  • Queen Nehelenia/Zirconia dies and the mirror cracks apart [p.101-104]
  • Sailor Chibimoon kisses Helios back to life and lifts the curse upon him (he is no longer Pegasus as well, and is without a horn) [p.112]
  • The first appearance of the Pink Moon Crystal [p.114]
  • Elysion is restored [p.115-117]
  • Helios grants Tuxedo Kamen a new rod [p.119]
  • Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen transform into Neo-Queen Selenity and King Endymion [p.120]
  • Saturn gives the jewels holding the Amazoness Quartet to Neo-Queen Selenity [p.124]
  • First appearance of the Sailor Quartet: Sailor Ceres, Sailor Vesta, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Pallas [p.125-126]
  • The senshi return to the earth [p.132-133]
  • Helios says goodbye [p.136]
  • Chibiusa's Picture Diary #3

  • Chibiusa and Usagi have cavities in their teeth [p.148-149]
  • Kenji takes Usagi and Chibiusa to a scary dentist to make an appointment [p.152]
  • First appearance of [p.156]
  • Kenji sees an advertisement for a new dental office and takes the girls there [p.157]
  • The staff treats them all with sweet treats that put them all to sleep [p.158-159]
  • Chibiusa wakes up and is taken to a cute elephant chair, but is strapped in and about to be tortured with a giant needle [p.160]
  • Chibiusa breaks free and transforms into Sailor Chibimoon [p.162]
  • Diana wakes up Usagi and Minako and they transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor V and they rescue Chibimoon [p.165-166]
  • Chibimoon kills Regine with 'Pink Sugar Heart Attack' [p.167]
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