Volume 18
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
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Date Published: 1997

Containing Acts: 49-52

Important Story Moments:
Act 49, 'Stars 7'

  • Galaxia first mentions her sapphire crystal [p.14]
  • First appearance of Chaos [p.17]
  • First appearance of Heavy Metal Papillon [p.18]
  • Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon attacks Eternal Sailormoon, Sailor Chibichibi, and Princess Kakyuu [p.21]
  • Sailor Chibimoon and the Sailor Quartet perform 'Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss!!!' [p.23]
  • The Sailor Quartet perform 'Amazoness Jungle Arrow!', killing Heavy Metal Papillon [p.24]
  • The sailors are puzzled on who sent Chibimoon and her guardians to Sailormoon and Princess Kakyuu's aid [p.29]
  • Princess Kakyuu transforms with 'Kinmoku Star Power! Make Up!!' [p.36-37]
  • Sailor Kakyuu performs 'Starlight Royal Straight Flush!!' [p.38]
  • Sailor Kakyuu performs Kinmoku Fusion Tempest!! [p.39]
  • Sailor Phi dies [p.40]
  • Sailor Kakyuu is killed by Sailor Chi [p.41-43]
  • Eternal Sailormoon kills Sailor Chi [p.45]
  • First appearance of the Evil Sailor Senshi [p.47]
  • Act 50, 'Stars 8'

  • First appearance of Evil Tuxedo Kamen [p.53]
  • Evil Sailor Mercury attacks with 'Galactica Aqua Rhapsody!!!' [p.56]
  • Evil Sailor Mars attacks with 'Galactica Flame Sniper!!' [p.53]
  • Evil Sailor Jupiter attacks with 'Galactica Oak Evolution' [p.56]
  • Evil Sailor Pluto attacks with 'Galactica Chronos Typhoon!!' [p.61]
  • Evil Sailor Uranus attacks with 'Galactica Space Turbulence!!' [p.62]
  • Evil Sailor Saturn attacks with 'Galactica Glaive Surprise!!' [p.64]
  • Evil Sailor Neptune attacks with 'Galactica Submarine Violin Tide!!' [p.65]
  • Evil Sailor Pluto and Evil Sailor Saturn attack with 'Galactica Cannon!!' [p.66]
  • Evil Sailor Venus attacks with 'Venus Love and Galactica Shock!!' [p.67]
  • Evil Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, attack with 'Galactica Gale!!' [p.69]
  • All the Evil Sailor senshi attack with 'Galactica Planet Attack!' [p.72]
  • Eternal Sailormoon first uses 'Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss!!' [p.76]
  • Eternal Sailormoon kills the Evil Sailor Senshi [p.77]
  • Evil Tuxedo Kamen kisses Sailor Galaxia [p.83]
  • Eternal Sailormoon and Sailor Galaxia face off [p.86-88]
  • Act 51, 'Stars 9'

  • Sailor Galaxia attacks with 'Galactica Inflation!!' [p.90]
  • Eternal Sailormoon goes to the Galaxy Cauldron [p.100-101]
  • Sailor Galaxia attacks with 'Galactica Super String!!' [p.113]
  • Chaos reveals itself to be all the major enemies the Sailor Senshi had battled [p.120]
  • Chaos merges with the Galaxy Cauldron [p.121-129]
  • Sailor Galaxia dies [p.132]
  • First appearance of Sailor Cosmos [p.135]
  • Eternal Sailormoon jumps into the Galaxy Cauldron [p.139]
  • Act 52, 'Stars 10'

  • Sailor Cosmos introduces herself to the Sailor Quartet and tells her story [p.147-163]
  • Usagi meets her friends in the Galaxy Cauldron [p.166]
  • First appearance of Guardian Cosmos [p.171]
  • Usagi chooses to return to her normal life [p.173]
  • Usagi and Mamoru get married ♥ [p.180]
  • Usagi reveals she is pregnant with Chibiusa [p.181]
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