Volume 5
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
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Date Published: 1992

Containing Acts: 17 - 19; Chibiusa's Picture Diary #1

Important Story Moments:
Act 17, 'Black Moon Calaveras - Sailor Venus'

  • The earring Petz was wearing is found by the remaining senshi and examined
  • First appearance of Momoko
  • Chibiusa is terrified of the earring
  • Demando's evil eye is mentioned
  • Usagi confronts Chibiusa about her past
  • Calavaras starts her mission
  • Mamoru consults with the Shittenou for the first time
  • Chibiusa steals Usagi's transformation locket with the ginzuishou inside
  • Sailor Venus confronts and foils Calaveras
  • Tuxedo Kamen first uses 'Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!!'
  • Sailormoon kills Calaveras
  • Chibiusa admits she is from the future
  • Act 18, 'Time Warp - Sailor Pluto'

  • Chibiusa explains her situation in more detail
  • The senshi request that they take them to the 30th century with her
  • Luna dreams of the time door in the past
  • Chibiusa uses the time key [p. 68]
  • Saffir tells the others that a time warp has opened
  • First appearance of Chiral and Achiral
  • First appearance of Sailor Pluto
  • Pluto attacks with 'Dead Scream!!'
  • Chibiusa approaches Sailor Pluto and explains the situation
  • Sailor Pluto allows the senshi to pass through
  • First time Chibiusa is called Small Lady, as well as a Princess
  • The senshi enter the door to the 30th century
  • Chiral and Achiral attack the senshi and trap them in crystal
  • Mamoru breaks the crystal with his psychometry
  • Chiral and Achiral are killed by Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Kamen
  • The senshi enter the Crystal Palace
  • First appearance of Neo-Queen Serenity
  • First appearance of Diana
  • First appearance of King Endymion
  • Act 19, 'Crystal Tokyo - King Endymion'

  • King Endymion explains he is the future Tuxedo Kamen
  • King Endymion explains that Chibiusa is Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen's future child
  • King Endymion explains Neo-Queen Selenity is Sailormoon's future self
  • Diana is revealed to be Luna and Artemis's future child
  • Endymion explains what happened to the kingdom and Neo-Queen Selenity
  • Sailormoon begins to fade away because she is too close to her future self
  • King Endymion tells the senshi that Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter were probably taken to Nemesis
  • King Endymion asks Tuxedo Kamen to protect Chibiusa
  • King Endymion tells the senshi Sailor Pluto has a different mission than the guardian senshi
  • Sailor Pluto gives the senshi a time key
  • The senshi and Chibiusa return to the present
  • Chibiusa returns to the future alone
  • Esmeraude begins her mission
  • Esmeraude attacks Chibiusa with her demon hands
  • The senshi return to the future to rescue Chibiusa
  • Tuxedo Kamen kills Esmeraude
  • Prince Demando captures Sailormoon
  • Chibiusa's Picture Diary #1

  • Chibiusa begins school
  • First appearance of Momoko and Kyusuke
  • First appearance of Ririka
  • Ririka acts suspicious
  • The senshi tell Chibiusa that she is a vampire
  • First appearance of Ririka's vampire mother
  • The vampires attack Chibiusa and her friends
  • Sailor Venus and Sailormoon perform 'Double Sailor Kick!!'
  • Chibiusa performs 'Garlic Attack!!'
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