Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkastu Hen
title translation:
Alternate Legend - Dark Kingdom Revival Story

Scene 1 - Usagi's Dream
The musical begins with a dream Usagi is having. She and the sailor senshi are together, singing and dancing to "Mystery Sagashi" [Mystery Search]. The four inner senshi are singing about how they want Sailormoon to lead them on a Mystery Search.
Suddenly, a voice announces that the energy of hatred has resurfaced, and that Queen Beryl can be resurrected. Beryl appears with the four generals, they explain that the hatred in the hearts of people have given them the energy to rise again. Beryl tells Sailormoon that this time she will not be defeated. Sailormoon cries out and screams, and that is the end of the scene.

Scene 2 - In the morning, reality
Luna comes running onstage, talking about big trouble. She begins to call Artemis, who is sleeping. Artemis wakes up and Luna tells him that Queen Beryl has been revived. Artemis asks how she knows and Luna explains that Beryl appeared to Usagi in a dream. Artemis admits that Usagi's premonitions always comes true, and the cats rush off to find the Senshi.

Scene 3 - Department store: Bathing suit section
Rei, Minako, Makoto and Ami are shopping for bathing suits. The Girls and Haruna sing 'Natsu wo Shimashou Vacation'Usagi arrives, yawning, (and late as always), and continues to yawn despite the girls each talking to her. Finally they say "come to your senses!" and Usagi remembers that Beryl is back! She tells the girls that Beryl has been revived, and the senshi gather close to listen, asking her when she appeared before her. Usagi explained that it was in her dream and the girls tell her she studied late at night again and that is why she had that dream. Usagi laughs about it and agrees that it was just a dream after all.
Then, Ms Haruna comes in, shopping as well. She tells the group that she is planning to go on vacation and travel to a foreign country. The girls are all fascinated and say they'd like to do that as well, and they sing "Natsu wo Shimashou Vacation" [Lets Have a Summer Vacation!] As they are reaching the end of the song, Rei gets a strange look on her face and stares at Ms Haruna. She then declares that she's a youma! Haruna keeps saying that it's mean, and the girls chide Rei for being mean to their teacher. Rei says she'll prove it by pulling out the demon, saying "aku ryo taisan!" and she turns into the youma Mannequin! Tuxedo Kamen Several other youma appear and whenever the senshi try to transform or do anything, they are attacked with dark energy and fall to the ground. The youma demands to know who has the ginzuishou, and goes to each senshi individually. Suddenly, Tuxedo Kamen appears and begins to sing "Bara no Himitsu" [Secret of the Rose]. Usagi sings this song with him as a duet, and she looks longingly to Tuxedo kamen. As the feelings of love rather than hatred dominate the stage, the youma become numb then leave. The whole cast exits the stage except for Usagi.
Luna comes running up now, yelling "Usagi-chan!" and Artemis is at his heels. Artemis and Luna explain that Usagi's dream is real and that the Dark Kingdom is resurrected. Usagi is still sighing over Tuxedo Kamen. Artemis wants Usagi to stop thinking so much on Tuxedo Kamen, and Luna tells him she can't help it because of when he was Endymion. Luna and Artemis talk about the Moon Kingdom when Usagi was Princess Serenity, Mamoru was Endymion, how they fell in love, and how the Generals were good protectors of Endymion and in love with the four senshi. The cats say it makes them nostalgic for that time, and the stage goes black, except for a full Earth (?) in the sky.

Scene 4 - Moon Kingdom; Fantasy World
Endymion and Princess Serenity enter at different ends of the stage, and they begin to sing "Waltz ni Koi wo Nosete" [Love on a Waltz]. After the first verse is complete, they begin to dance and the generals and the senshi enter and dance also. The song ends and Artemis and Luna rush in to tell Serenity that Beryl is manipulating the people of Earth to rebel against the moon. Endymion yells for everyone to go face them. The senshi rush, but the Generals stand still. The senshi rush back in to each of their partners and call them by name. They return by beating the Sailor Senshi.
Princess Serenity and Endymion For a moment the stage is a rush of fighting- even Artemis is fighting! Then it separates, the senshi on one side and the generals on the other- the generals laughing. Endymion asks what is wrong with them, but Luna tells him that she knows- it's too late and Beryl has already brainwashed them. Beryl's dark voice is heard telling them that Luna is right. Usagi's voice yells "no! I don't want to remember!" And the scene ends.

Scene 5 - The Park; Real World
The scene opens with the cats running around, wondering where Usagi went to and calling for her. They state that Usagi didn't like to remember the bad side of things and had already forgotten her summer homework. They wonder what happened at the swimsuit department and decide to form a plan, running off. The senshi enter and say that although the youma ran off quickly, they didn't have time to go to the beach now. Usagi enters and whines that she wants to go to the beach. Suddenly, a young man enters tumbling as a gymnast would. Minako says it's Saito-sempai, and the girls all notice that she's blushing, and she has a big crush on him. The senshi tell her she must confess her love to him, and pushes her in his direction as they hide behind the park bench. Minako rockets forward and interrupts his stretching, so she apologizes. He asks if she's Aino Minako and remarks that at his school they think she's the coolest girl at her school. He asks if she's got a crush on anyone, and she sings "Namikimichi no Koi"[Love on a Tree-lined Road] about when she saw Saito-kun first. He asks her if she could mean him, and Minako admits it. He is really pleased and tells her he came to the tree lined road to see her! Then he asks her if she wants to go to the amusement park. She agrees, and they leave. The senshi come out of hiding and decide to follow and watch Minako and Saito.

Scene 6 - The Amusement Park
Minako and Saito are discussing which ride to go on first. The three senshi (except Usagi) are spying on her. Minako says "Ami-chan, Rei-chan, Mako-chan, please come out." And the girls reluctantly show themselves. Saito says that he will introduce them to his gymnastic teammates. The guys come out and pair up with each girl in turn. Usagi comes out and realizes she's the only one alone. The four couples sing "Saikyou no Couple Gundan" [The Best Couple Corps], about how they are the four best couples around for summer. Usagi tries to be involved, but instead just is in the way and left out. The four groups decide to check out a fortune-teller booth. Luna Sings 'Onnanoko no Shinsou' Usagi starts crying and wipes her nose with a tissue, then throws it behind her-- into Mamoru! Usagi is very happy to see Mamoru, but starts to cry when Mamoru asks what was wrong. She sits and tells him nothing is wrong, she just wanted to go to the ocean. He tells her that he'll take her to a spot he knows where the sunset turns the whole sea orange... once she's finished her summer homework. Usagi tells him that he clearly never intended to take her, then, and she runs off! The stage darkens and Luna and Artemis are looking for the senshi. Artemis mentions that the girls had been 'moody' lately, and Luna says she can't blame them for wanting to be girls. Artemis asks what she means, and Luna sings "Onnanoko no Shinsou" [The Situation of Girls], about how women and men aren't so different- only by one chromosome. Artemis apologizes for calling them moody, and they run off to find the senshi.

Scene 7 - Fortune Telling Booth
The four senshi run up to the fortune teller. The fortune teller starts to talk about grudges, death, and revenge rather than love predictions like she advertised. The girls say it's not a fortune, but a magic curse to kill them! Usagi runs up, and the fortune teller reveals herself to be Queen Beryl. She casts a spell on the senshi so they cannot move. Saito says that the girls already belong to Queen Beryl. Minako says "Saito-kun, you are..." and he replies "Saito-kun reversed is Kunzite!" The gymnastics friends are each Zoicite, Jedite, and Nephrite. The boys beat the senshi as they are down. Usagi says they are cowards for tricking Minako, and Beryl replies that if she wants to save her friends she will give her the ginzuishou.
As Beryl is about to harm Usagi again, Tuxedo Kamen appears. The generals battle Tuxedo Kamen. Beryl calls for the Mannequin youma to appear to help, and Tuxedo Kamen is very, very, over-powered. Beryl orders them to bring Tuxedo Kamen with her. Usagi tries to get up and save him, but Beryl uses her magic to stop her. Beryl tells them if they want Tuxedo Kamen back, to go to the Dark Kingdom and bring the ginzuishou! Artemis tells them Beryl's kingdom is at D-Point again. Luna says that dark spots have begun to cover the sun, and that if the whole sun was covered it would mean the end of the Earth. Usagi gets up and the senshi begin to sing "Sailor War!", about how they do not want to fight and risk their lives, but for the people they love they must.

Scene 8 - D Point
The scene opens with focus on Tuxedo Kamen, who is tied to a cross at D-Point. Beryl comes out and sings "Yami koso Utsukushii" [Darkness is Beautiful]. After the song is through, Beryl tells the Generals to look after Tuxedo Kamen because he is her bait= to not kill him but to not let him go, and that after she had won she will make him her husband. Beryl is anxious for them to arrive. You hear the senshi each say their henshin phrase- Mercury Star Power, Make up! etc, and they appear in turn. The Senshi Dance/Battle Beryl tells the generals and youma to quickly defeat them and get the ginzuishou. There is a battle/dance sequence. As this is going on, Sailormoon frees Tuxedo Kamen. The fight continues, and Mars uses her Burning Mandala attack to damage Jedite- but not enough, because he drags her to death with him. Jupiter uses Sparkling Wide Pressure on Nephrite, and he also drags her to her death. Then Mercury's Shine Aqua Illusion, with the same results. Venus's Love Me Chain evokes a response and Kunzite asks "Minako-chan?" and Venus runs down yelling "Saito-kun?!" and helps him up, only to find that Kunzite is tricking her and tries to kill her! Venus uses her Love Me Chain again, and both of them die together. Now Sailormoon is alone. Tuxedo Kamen tells her to hurry and escape this place. Beryl comes out to attack her, but Tuxedo Kamen runs in the way and takes the blow for her. Tuxedo Kamen apologizes that he'll never be able to take her to the ocean, where the sunset stains it orange. Beryl says soon the evil energy will take over the world.

Scene 9 - Tokyo, On top of a Roof
Luna and Artemis are staring at the sun. They remark that there is many, many spots on the sun now. Artemis says that if Usagi uses the ginzuishou then they could still be saved. Luna tells him that if Usagi uses the ginzuishou she could die. Artemis says it is the only hope.

Scene 10 - D Point
Beryl tells Sailormoon that every creature feels hate and malice, and that is what feeds her power. Sailormoon begins to hear the other senshi, they talk about the sea, and how it makes them happy. Usagi calls to them, but they are, of course, dead. This gives Sailormoon the will to fight against Beryl. Beryl uses her magic on her, and tells her that the world is an ugly and cruel place. Sailormoon tells her that she'll never let someone so evil rule, and she pulls out a ridiculously large moon scepter, that she'll use the ginzuishou! Beryl tells her she'll die if she uses the ginzuishou, and Sailormoon tells her she doesn't care. Sailormoon hears the senshi's voices again, and they give her the strength to fight. Sailormoon thanks them, and uses Moon Princess Halation! Which destroys Beryl, whose final words are that as long as hate is in the hearts of men, she can be revived.

Scene 11 - Tokyo, on top of a roof
Artemis says that the sun doesn't have the black spots anymore. Luna begins to cry because she knows Usagi must have used the ginzuishou and therefore is dead. Luna runs off, crying.

Scene 12 - D Point
Sailormoon begins to stand. A mist rolls into D point, she stumbles and falls. She talks about her friends, a normal life, and wishes for her return to that, with her friends. The scene goes black and Artemis and Luna appear at D Point, searching for the senshi, calling them out. The senshi do not answer. Artemis tells Luna they must be dead, and to go home. Luna tells Artemis to look at the moon- and they see each senshi there. Luna says it's a miracle of the ginzuishou, they are resurrected! The senshi appear and begin to sing "La Soldier". "Mystery Sagashi" [Mystery Search] plays as the casting call is issued, and each person takes their bows. Finally, the whole cast joins in a final version of "La Soldier".