Act 1 - Basic Information
Usagi Transforms- Act 1 PGSM Name: Watashi ga Sailor Moon! [I am Sailor Moon!]
Original Air Date: October 4, 2003
Director: Ryuuta Tasaki
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi

School-girl Usagi meets a talking plushy cat named Luna and transforms into Sailor-suited super heroine, 'Sailormoon' for the first time!

Important Plot Points:

  • First Appearance of Sailor V
  • First Appearance of Tuxedo Kamen
  • First Appearance of Shingo
  • First Appearance of Usagi
  • First Appearance of Ikuko
  • First Appearance of Luna
  • First Appearance of Ami (brief)
  • First Appearance of Naru
  • First Appearance of Jadeite
  • Usagi meets Mamoru for the first time
  • First use of the Teletia S
  • Usagi transforms into Sailormoon with "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" for the first time
  • Sailormoon uses "Moon Healing Escalation" for the first time
  • First Appearance of Queen Beryl
  • Trivia:

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  • Act 1 - Summary
    A security alarm rings. A man in a cape drops jewelry, you soon see he is Tuxedo Kamen. Sailor V is waiting for him with a crescent cutter. They fight, briefly, Sailor V spilling open his case and letting his stolen jewelry spill out. Sirens ring in the distance, and Tuxedo Kamen flees with Sailor V at his heels.

    A radio plays, and Usagi fumbles under the covers to turn it off. Shingo tells her she needs to get up. Usagi mumbles that she will after this song ends. Shingo tosses her desk clock to her, and Usagi springs up in a panic wondering why the song never ended. Shingo replies that the song is on repeat. Usagi leaps out of bed and runs into the kitchen. She quickly asks her mom for Lunch. On the television is a news program talking about how Sailor V had stopped a jewel thief. Usagi stops to watch it, remarking that she thinks Sailor V is really cool. Shingo starts to leave the house, and turns back to Usagi asking her what she is doing. She leaps up, remembering she is late and runs out the door.

    Usagi is running along a bridge on her way to school and a plushy cat falls from the sky onto her head. Usagi picks it up and looks at it but sets it back down when she remembers she is still late. Luna looks up at Usagi as she runs, and remarks to herself that she is "definitely the one."

    Usagi reaches class and is reprimanded by her Sensei for being late. She has to stay after and clean up as punishment. Naru pokes her head in and tells Usagi she will help her clean up. Usagi runs to her and hugs her friend, excited. They decide afterward to head to Crown Karaoke because they have a new song from Aino Minako's new album.

    At Crown, the girls sing "C’est La Vie" and then stop to chat and eat snacks. Naru mentions that her mother is having a big jewelry show the next day. The girls decide to check it out while everyone is preparing for the event.

    The girls talk to Naru's mother and stare at the models. As they are gawking, Luna appears in the back of the room and her crescent moon flashes red briefly. Usagi finds a nice dress and holds it up to herself in front of a mirror. She sighs and moves to put it back, but runs into Chiba Mamoru first. A crew member steps out and mentions that a model is missing. As Mamoru stares at Usagi, she stutters that she's not a model, and Mamoru tells her that no one would think she is. Usagi gets perturbed and makes a point of bumping into him on her way out. Mamoru stares at the jewels that are on display and tells himself that he might find "it" here.

    Meanwhile, Naru's mother talks on the phone with Naru and lets her know she's not going to be home that night in preparation for the show. Naru asks her if she'd like her to bring some finger sandwiches with her the next day, and her mother thanks her and hangs up the phone. As she turns to leave, a Youma hand reaches up and attacks her.

    Usagi is sleeping and Luna lays on her night table. Usagi sees the plushy and picks it up, wondering why it's in her room. Luna starts to talk and Usagi gets up to run away. Luna tells her that she has been looking for her and to not be afraid. Usagi's mother calls to see if Usagi is okay, and she says she is fine and closes the door. Luna tells her she is looking for soldiers, and tells Usagi she is a legendary soldier. Usagi lets that sink in briefly before deciding that she's dreaming. Luna tries to assure her she isn't dreaming, but Usagi is set and pulls the covers over her head. Luna tries to explain but realizes it is useless. Luna's crescent moon flashes and she leaves a Teletia S for Usagi, telling her to contact her whenever she believes her. Luna leaves right after she warns Usagi to stay away from the Jewelry show.

    Naru sees her mother the next day, holding the bag with the sandwiches. She smiles, but her "mother" tells her it is a restricted area. Naru wonders what she's talking about, but her "mother" tells her she just mistook her for someone else, then asks her what she wants. Naru holds the bag up and tells her she brought it for her, and her "mother" asks what is inside. Naru tells her it was her special request, and her "mother" tries to fake it by saying she remembers. Naru is suspicious, however, and asks her what is inside. Her "mother" can't answer.

    Meanwhile, Usagi awakens and tries to remember something. Then it dawns on her that it is Saturday, and she springs out of bed asking her mother to take her shopping.

    Back at Osa-P, Naru tells the mama-youma that she isn't her mother. The youma smiles and tells her she is her mother. Naru cries out "no!" and runs for it. She bumps into a crew member and tries to get his help, and he smiles and transforms into Jadeite. Jadeite touches Naru and she collapses. Jadeite then commands the youma to collect the energy of the women when it has reached its climax during the jewelry show. He adds that it is all for Queen Beryl.

    Luna sees the youma and walks outside. Suddenly, she is hit by a purse falling from the sky. Usagi is standing on some scaffolding outside of the building and is trying to reach the ledge of the roof. She falls (of course) and lands on top of Luna. Luna asks her what she was doing and Usagi tells her she has to get inside and she couldn't find her ticket. Luna tells her that it is dangerous here, and Usagi tells Luna that even though that's so, she knows Naru is in danger and she needs to save her. Luna tells her that as a soldier, she understands that Naru is in danger. Luna's crescent moon flashes and she gives Usagi the moon brooch and lipstick.

    The two creep up to a window where the models are getting ready. Luna tells Usagi to take a picture of one of the models with the cell phone. Usagi does so and transforms into the model. Luna tells her that she transforms into whomever she shoots with the phone, and that she'll have no difficulty getting into the building like that. She walks right through, smiling.

    At the end of the show, the mama-youma walks onto stage as everyone is applauding. She lifts her hands and the whole rooms collapses to the ground. Usagi bursts in and tells the youma to stop right there. The youma asks why, and Usagi can't find the words, but Luna says it's because she's a soldier. The youma reveals herself and begins to attack Usagi.

    Usagi runs out, and at Luna's prompting transforms. Jadeite wonders who Sailormoon is. Usagi wonders at her transformation, but the Youma comes after her. Usagi panics and says she is scared. Luna tells her not to be afraid, that she's a chosen soldier and knows how to fight. The jewel in Sailormoon's tiara flashes, and suddenly Sailormoon knows what to do. She fights for a while, then gets her Moonlight Stick from her brooch and performs "Moon Healing Escalation". The youma disappears, and Naru's mother collapses. As Sailormoon turns, Jadeite throws a crystal dagger at her. Just as she is almost struck, Tuxedo Kamen knocks her out of the way. He tells her that he didn't find what he was looking for, but did find something interesting. Sailormoon thanks him, and asks who he is. He tells her "Tuxedo Kamen" and Sailormoon decides it's a weird name but she thinks he's cool. All the people who had been drained awaken.

    Meanwhile, Queen Beryl in the Dark Kingdom wonders who Sailormoon is and why she thinks she can disrupt her plans.

    Usagi realizes after the battle that she truly is Sailormoon, and Luna tells her she is one of the soldiers who protects the princess, and that her battle begins now. Usagi remarks that she feels kind of excited, but she doesn't know why.