Sailor Moon Musical Summaries
Spoiler Alert!!! - The following are reasonably detailed summaries of the musicals, scene by scene. Though they are not word-for-word they still certainly give away the storylines as much as reading through Hotoshi Doi's summaries would for the anime. If you haven't seen the shows yet and don't want to have anything given away, (and you know who you are!) avert your eyes now or click on something else. If you don't mind or have seen the shows but are trying to remember something, research something, etcetera etcetera, the links to each show are below.

First Stage Shows:

Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen - The very first musical, this takes place around the R season but isn't ever really specified exactly when in the series (the title suggests it is an 'alternate reality' piece). The premise is taken from season one of the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon anime or the first arc of the manga, and centers around the revival of Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom. This is the first and only musical to feature the moon cats.

Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi - Based very loosely on the S season of the anime, the senshi must fight against a new foe- the Deathbusters! Chibiusa appears in this one for the first time and Usagi must deal with the jealousy she feels around her future daughter as well as the inner senshi leaving her to pursue their dreams. This is also the debut of Sailors Uranus and Neptune in a musical.

Yume Senshi Ai Eien Ni! - Loosely based upon the SuperS season, Chibiusa begins to have dreams featuring a Pegasus and a menacing hooded figure, and a strange circus comes to town featuring curious performers- the Amazon Trio. The inner senshi join as circus performers, Usagi helps a bullied and mysterious 'Miss Dream' and Fisheye attempts to woo Mamoru. Plus the Outer Senshi return to kick butt!

Yume Senshi Ai Eien Ni Saturn Fukkatsu Hen - The revision of Yume Senshi Ai Eien Ni. The basic storyline remains the same, but there are major differences to the plot like the legitimate appearance of Sailor Saturn and a new ending. This is the first musical where singing was live, rather than lip-synched.

Sailor Stars - This musical, as you can probably tell from the title, is based loosely on the Sailor Stars plotline. This musical introduces the Sailor Starlights, Galaxia, the Sailor Animamates (both familiar and new ones) as well as completely new villains like MC Fly. No Chibichibi in this one, however.

Sailor Stars [Kaiteiban] - The revision of the Sailor Stars musical. This one has some plot changes and some adlibs from cast members here and there.

Eien Densetsu - Golden Queen Galaxia revives Queen Beryl?! New and old villains wreak havoc, causing a senshi alert!

Eien Densetsu Final Act [kaiteiban] - The revision of Eien Densetsu. Some plot changes and a few adlibs from the cast members here and there.

Eien Densetsu Final Act, Final Performance [kaiteiban] - The final performance of the first stage. An emotional send off from a large portion of the cast, including farewell from Ooyoma Anza the first and longest-running Sailormoon. This version has more adlibs than normal and lots of shenanigans from the cast.