Nephrite Name: Nephrite
Actor: Matsumoto Hiroyuki
First Appearance: Act 4; "Party ni Sennyuu yo!" [Sneaking into the Party!]
Family: Unknown
Past Life: A Shittenou, one of Prince Endymion's guardians.
Love Interest: Sailor Mercury / Mizuno Ami (hinted at)
Eye Color: Blue
Powers: Jadeite can disguise himself as a human.

He is: The second of the Shittenou to appear. He is constantly competing with Jadeite for Queen Beryl's attentions- at first. Queen Beryl gives him the task to find the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou, and later his directives change to finding the Princess. Nephrite falls out of favor with Queen Beryl, however, and in Act 36 she makes an example of him by forcing him to impale himself on his own sword. Nephrite doesn't die completely, however, but is revived as a human with black hair and eyes (when he disguised himself as human earlier in the series, his hair and eyes remained red and blue respectively), and as a human he ends up employed at Crown Karaoke. During his time as Nephrite and later as "Nefukichi" (as Motoki dubs him) he shows unusual kindness for Sailor Mercury after Dark Mercury showed him a single gesture of good-will.

Personality: Nephrite is hot-headed and quick to anger (this is a bit funny since, often, Nephrite's plans don't work out and you just watch him get flustered and upset). Though he tries perhaps harder to please Queen Beryl than any of the other Shittenou, he fails spectacularly. Despite these failures, Nephrite has a lot of pride and it takes a lot to get him to ask for help from anybody. As a human later in the series, Nephrite is still just as quick to anger and never has any money to show for his job at Crown because he is always breaking things.

Likes: Mizuno Ami

Enemies: The Sailor Senshi

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