Queen Beryl
Queen Beryl Name: Queen Beryl
Actress: Sugimoto Aya
First Appearance: Act 1; "Watashi ga Sailormoon!" [I am Sailormoon!]
Family: Unknown
Past Life: While Queen Beryl's station is unknown, it is known that she was in love with Endymion in her past life.
Attack Element: Darkness
Love Interest: Pines after Endymion
Image Color: Purple

She is: Queen of the Dark Kingdom, and ruler over the Shittenou. It is revealed that she has cursed the four kings so far that they cannot help but do her bidding to the best of their abilities (even if it means killing themselves, like Nephrite proved). She is trying to revive Queen Metallia as a means of ruling the world, but becomes concerned as the series progresses that if Metallia's powers continue to grow, she will destroy the world (as is her nature) making it a bit moot to try and conquer or rule it. She carries her unrequited feelings for Endymion into the present and kidnaps Mamoru in the hopes that he would love her as well.

Personality: Beryl is cunning and authoritative. She listens to the Shittenou and weighs what they have to say, but ultimately relies mostly on her own judgment. Most of all, Beryl is deeply jealous of Usagi (currently and as Princess Serenity) and goes so far as to pout when Metallia is destroyed, telling Sailormoon that she has taken everything she ever wanted, from Endymion to Metallia, and then calls her cruel for it.

Likes: Endymion, power

Enemies: Princess Serenity, the Sailor Senshi

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