Volume 6
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
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Date Published: 1994

Containing Acts: 20-22

Important Story Moments:
Act 20, 'Nemesis - Sakusou'

  • Prince Demando kisses Usagi [p.21]
  • Chibiusa's age is revealed to be 900 [p.26]
  • Ami, Rei and Makoto awaken in the prison on Nemesis. [p.36-40]
  • It is revealed that Small Lady broke and stole the ginzuishou at the worst possible time. [p.45-46]
  • Small Lady meets Sailor Pluto [p.48-49]
  • While wandering the corridors of Space-time, Chibiusa runs into Wiseman and join forces. [p.53-56]
  • Tuxedo Kamen goes to Space-time to search for Chibiusa [p.62]
  • First appearance of Black Lady[p.80]
  • Sailormoon frees Ami, Rei, and Makoto [p.82-86]
  • Wiseman kills Rubeus [p.91]
  • Sailormoon, Sailor Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter escape using a time key. [p.92-93]
  • Black Lady runs into Tuxedo Kamen [p.94].
  • Act 21, 'Nemesis - Anyaku'

  • Black Lady kisses Tuxedo Kamen. [p.121]
  • The senshi return to the present [p.121-122]
  • The senshi return to the future [p.135]
  • Black Lady steals Sailormoon's ginzuishou [p.141]
  • Act 22, 'Kougeki - Black Lady'

  • Wiseman is revealed to be a skeleton under the robes [p.166]
  • The third taboo of Pluto is revealed to be stopping time [p.168].
  • Wiseman and planet Nemesis are revealed to be the same person [p.169-171].
  • Prince Demando gets a hold of the ginzuishou of the present and of the future and plans to bring them together, thus destroying the world. [p. 186-189]
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