Volume 9
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
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Date Published: 1995

Containing Acts: 29-32

Important Story Moments:
Act 29, 'Mugen 6 - 3 Senshi'

  • Uranus, Neptune and Pluto pledge loyalty to Princess Serenity. [p.10-11]
  • Uranus, Neptune and Pluto explain their mission to Serenity and the other senshi, but tell them that they will be working alone [p.12-22]
  • Cyprine begins her mission [p.30]
  • Chibiusa sees Hotaru with a cyborg arm. [p.36]
  • Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna begin to spy on Hotaru [p.37]
  • Cyprine manipulates the atmosphere to make it appear that Sailormoon and her guardians are against Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. [p.46-48]
  • Through the combined powers of Sailormoon, Sailor Chibimoon, and Tuxedo Kamen, the Holy Chalice appears. [p.52-54]
  • Act 30, 'Mugen 7 - Henshin - Super Sailormoon'

  • The three talismans are invoked by the Holy Chalice and Sailormoon [p.59]
  • Sailormoon first uses 'Crisis, Make Up!' [p.61]
  • Super Sailormoon's first appearance [p.62-63]
  • The senshi are given upgraded brooches on their Sailor uniforms. [p.64]
  • Super Sailormoon first uses 'Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!!' [p.69]
  • Cyprine and Pitol are killed by Super Sailormoon's attack [p.70]
  • Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto explain what happened to the Silver Millennium including the destruction after invoking the talismans to awaken Sailor Saturn [p.77-81]
  • Hotaru's cyborg, unnatural body is revealed for what it is [p.90]
  • Hotaru takes Chibiusa's ginzuishou. [p.98]
  • Hotaru transforms into Mistress 9. [p.100-102]
  • Chibiusa has collapsed [p.103]
  • Act 31, 'Mugen 8 - Mugen Meikyuu 1'

  • Mistress 9 reveals her name and first full body photo in full costume [p.116]
  • Kaolinite resurrects the Witches 5. [p.122]
  • The Mugen Building is distorted, the senshi investigate [p.124].
  • The Senshi walk in and discover Cyprine and Pitol waiting for them [p.126]
  • Sailor Mars finds Eudial waiting for her and is attacked. [p.127-128]
  • Sailor Mercury finds Viluy waiting for her and is attacked and tied up. [p.129-130]
  • Sailor Venus finds Mimette waiting for her and is attacked and tied up. [p.130-132]
  • Sailor Jupiter finds Tellu waiting for her and is attacked and put to sleep [p.133-134]
  • Sailor Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are revealed to be bound to a tower at the Witches 5's mercy. [p.140]
  • Sailor Pluto and Neptune attack the Witches 5 with "Chronos Typhoon" and 'Submarine Reflection' killing them. [p.140-141]
  • Mistress 9 swallows Chibiusa's ginzuishou [p.148]
  • Act 32, 'Mugen 9 - Mugen Meikyuu 2'

  • Hotaru regains control over Mistress 9's body and protects Chibiusa's ginzuishou [p.155-159]
  • Professor Tomoe transforms into a monster. [p.185]
  • Super Sailormoon kills Professor Tomoe with "Rainbow Moon Heartache!!" [p.187]
  • Super Sailormoon transforms down into Sailormoon [p.190]
  • Mistress 9 waits to attack Sailormoon [p.194]
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