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Personality & Fandom

Name Information
Transformed Name:
Sailor Moon
Princess Selenity/ Princess Serenity
Neo-Queen selenity/ Neo-Queen Serenity
Princess Serena [DiC]
Princess Sailormoon [PGSM]

Transformed Name Characters:

Transformed Name Pronounced:

Japanese Name:
Tsukino Usagi (She is not Chiba Usagi for cultural reasons)

Japanese Name Characters:

Japanese Name Pronounced:
Tus-kee-noh Ooh-sah-gee (hard G)

Japanese Name Definition: Hare of the Moon; Rabbit of the Moon; Rabbit Field the Moon
野-Domestic; field; civilian life/ of [note: the kana: no is not used in their names ever, but it is intended as a pun; loosely meaning they were in the sky and now they are on Earth. They are of the earth. They have been domesticated.]
兎- Rabbit/うさぎ- Hare

Japanese Nicknames:
Everyone: Usagi-chan (うさぎちゃん)
Mamoru's Pet Name in the Manga: Usa (うさ)
Mamoru's Pet Name in the Anime: Usako (うさこ)
By Mamoru, Rei (anime), Haruka, Seiya (once): Odango-atama [dumpling head] (お団子頭)
Seiya (anime): Tsukimi Odango [moon beauty dumpling] (月美お団子)
Seiya and Haruka (manga): Odango [dumpling head] (お団子)
Haruka (manga): Odango-chan [dumpling] (お団子ちゃん)
Haruka (anime): Koneko-chan [kitten] (子猫ちゃん)

North American Names:
Mixx - Serena "Bunny" Tsukino
meaning - Serene, Bunny (baby rabbit), of Moon
DiC - Serena
meaning - Serene
CWI - Serena Tsukino
meaning - Serene, of Moon
Irwin - Serena
meaning - Serene
Fans - Not Applicable

North American Nicknames:
Mixx - cowtail head, pigtail head, Buns (Darien)
DiC - Meatball head (by Darien and Raye)
CWI - Meatball head (by everyone)

Names in Other Countries:
Filipino, Italy, Greece, Portugal: Bunny
France: Bunny Rivière
Germany: Bunny Sukino
Mexico: Serena Tsukino
Sweden: Annie

Sailor Information


Manga Title:
[Soldier of Mystery]

Castle / Palace / Kingdom:
Moon Castle (Moon Palace, DiC)
Silver Millennium (old one and then new one)
Crystal Palace (as Neo-Queen Selenity)

Image Gemstone:

Image Color:
Silver (manga); Pink (anime)

Challenge/Introduction Words:
Kanji/Kana:愛と正義のセーラー吹く美少女戦士...セーラームーン! 月に変わって、おしおきよ。
Romaji: "Ai to Seigi no Sera fuku bishoujo senshi... Sera muun! Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo."
English Translation: "For love and justice, I am the pretty sailor-suited soldier Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

Transformation Words:


Moon Prism Power! Make Up!
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 26-27
Re-release: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 33-34
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 26-27

Moon Crystal Power! Make Up!
Japanese: Volume 4, Act 13, Page 37
Re-Release: Volume 3, Act 14, Page 131
Mixx: Volume 4, Act 13, Page 37

Moon Cosmic Power! Make Up!
Japanese: Volume 8, Act 25, Page 1
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Volume 8, Act 25, Page 1

Crisis, Make Up!
Japanese: Volume 9, Act 30, Page 61
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Volume 9, Act 30, Page 63

Moon Crisis Make Up! [Usagi and Chibiusa together]
Japanese: Volume 12, Act 34, Page 70
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: SuperS Volume 1, Act 1, Page 68-69

Silver Moon Crystal Power! Make Up!
Japanese: Volume 15, Act 42, Page 94
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: SuperS Volume 4, Act 8, Page 87 - 88


Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
Japanese: Episode 1
NA: Episode 1 [Moon Prism Power]

Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!
Japanese: Episode 54
NA: Episodes 54-57, Moon Star Power;
Episodes 45 - 53, 58+, Moon Crystal Power

Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!
Japanese: Episode 91
NA: Episode 84, Moon Cosmic Power

Crisis, Make Up!
Japanese: Episode 112
NA: Episode 105

Moon Crisis, Make Up! [With Chibimoon]
Japanese: Episode 130
NA: Episode 123

Moon Eternal, Make Up
Japanese: Episode 168
NA: Not Applicable

PGSM Live Action:

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
Episode: Act 1

(Princess Moon Transformation)
Episode: Act 36



Sailor V Kick!
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 17
Re-Release: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 25
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 17

(Odango flashes, can see picture through mask)
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 27-28
Re-Release: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 35-36
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 27-28

(Supersonic Waves)
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 34
Re-Release: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 42
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 34

Moon Frisbee!
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 35
Re-Release: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 43
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 35

Sailor Moon Kick!
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 2, Page 70
Re-Release: Volume 1, Act 2, Page 78
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 2, Page 70

Moon Twilight Flash!
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 4, Page 151
Re-Release: Volume 1, Act 4, Page 159
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 4, Page 151

Moon Healing Escalation!
Japanese: Volume 2, Act 6, Page ?
Re-Release: Volume 1, Act 6, Page 235
Mixx: Volume 2, Act 6, Page 39 [Back to Life!! Please...!]

Moon Princess Halation!
Japanese: Volume 4, Act 14, Page 95
Re-Release: Volume 3, Act 15, Page 189
Mixx: Volume 4, Act 14, Page 95

Moon Spiral Heart Attack!!
Japanese: Volume 8, Act 25, Page 7
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Volume 8, Act 25, Page 9

Rainbow Moon Heartache!!
Japanese: Volume 9, Act 30, Page 69
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Volume 9, Act 30, Page 71

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!!!
Japanese: Volume 15, Act 42, Page 100
Re-release: ?
Mixx: SuperS Volume 4, Act 9, Page 100

Silver Moon Crystal Power! Therapy Kiss!!
Japanese: Volume 18, Act 50, Page 76
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Stars Volume 3, Act 8, Page 78


Moon Tiara Action
Japanese: Episode 1
NA: Episode 1, Moon Tiara Magic
Episode 4, Moon Tiara Vaporize

Moon Healing Escalation
Japanese: Episode 25
NA: Episode 21, Moon Healing Activation, Moon Crystal Healing Activation, Cosmic Moon Power (more powerful attacks)

Moon Princess Halation
Japanese: Episode 51
NA: Episode 45, Moon Sceptre Elimination
Episode 67, Moon Sceptre Activation
Sailormoon R: The Promise of a Rose (movie), Moon Princess Elimination

Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Japanese: Episode 91
NA: Episode 84

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
Japanese: Episode 112
NA: Episode 105 [ed. There were other things said too, but I haven't collected the info yet]

Moon Gorgeous Meditation
Japanese: Episode 128
NA: Episode 121
Episode 119 and 120, Sailor Moon Target

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Japanese: Episode 168

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss
Japanese: Episode 180

PGSM Live Action:

"Moon Healing Escalation!"
Episode: Act 1

"Moon Tiara Boomerang!"
Episode: Act 2

"Moon Twilight Flash!"
Episode: Act 2

(Princess Moon Attack)
Episode: Act 36

Special Powers


Moon Power! Transform me into. Moon Power! Turn me into...
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 2, Page 63
Re-release: Volume 1, Act 2, Page 71
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 2, Page 63


Moon Power!
Japanese: Episode 3
NA: Episode 2, Disguise Power

Sailor Moon Kick!
Japanese: Episode 17
NA: Episode 14 [no words used]

Sailor Body Attack
Japanese: Episode 60
NA: Episode 54 [no words used]

(Snaps picture with TeletiaS to transform into any person)
Episode: Act 1
[This is comparable to 'Moon Power' or 'Disguise Power!' in the dub, except that in this version she uses a cell phone to take a picture of the intended disguise.]

Personal Information
Date of Birth:
June 30th

Beginning Age:

End Age:

Current Age:
19 [As calculated from fan book b-dates]

Estimated Height:
4'11" [Estimated from fan books]

Blood Type:

Zodiac Sign:

Zodiac Symbol:

Zodiac Ruling Planet:

Zodiac Element:

Zodiac Colors:
White, Smokey Gray

Zodiac Metal:

Zodiac Gemstone:

Zodiac Plant:

Zodiac Flower:
Acanthus, Lily, White flowers

Pearl or Diamond

Birth Flower:

Likes and Dislikes
Favorite Food:
Manga - Cake
Anime - Ice cream

Least Favorite Food:

Favorite Color:
Pink and White [Irwin also agrees]

Favorite Flower:
? [Best guess: Rose?]

Favorite Animal:
Bunny Rabbit

Favorite Subject:
Home Economics (because she can sleep)
Music (DiC)

Worst Subject:
Math, English (the language)

Strong Point:
Brown nosing, Crying, Klutzing

Has Trouble With:
Dentists, Ghosts, Thunder and Lightning

Special Strengths:
Loyal Friend (Irwin)

Eating and Video Games (Irwin)

Surprise Tests in School (Irwin)

Eating, Sleeping, Relaxing, Playing Video Games, Shopping (Irwin),

Japanese Clubs:
Manga Drawing Club

Manga - To Protect the World With Mamoru
Anime - To Be a Bride (to Mamoru)

Schooling and Living Accommodations
Manga and Anime: Has Mother [Ikuko], Father [Kenji], and younger brother [Shingo]. Also, as Princess Selenity she has a mother but no father.
DiC: Has Mother [unnamed], Father [unnamed], Younger Brother [Sammy]
CWI: Has Mother [unnamed], Father [unnamed], Younger Brother [Sammy]

House a few blocks away from Juuban Junior High School [Crossroads Jr High in Mixx translation/DiC dub]

Schools Attended:
Elementary School
? [I would guess the same one that Chibiusa/Rini went to]

Jr High School:
Manga: Minato-ku [means "Port District"] Juuban Junior High School; Class 1
Anime: Juuban Junior High School; Class 1
DiC: Crossroads Junior High School
CWI: ?

High School:
Manga: Minato-ku [means "Port District"] Juuban High School
Anime: Juuban High School

In the Real World
Anime Original Character Designer:
Tadano Kazuko

Mitsuishi Kotono (Episodes 1-43), Araki Kae (Episodes 44-50)

English Voice Actor:
Tracey Moore (Episodes 1-11, 13, 21, 41), Terri Hawkes (all others in SM-SMR), Linda Ballantine (Episodes 83-159)

Musical Acting By:
Ooyoma Anza [1993 - 1998]; Hara Fumina [1998 - 1999]; Kanabe Miyuki [1999 - 2001]; Kuroki Marina [2001 - 2005]

PGSM Live Action Acting By:
Sawai Miyuu

Manga Appearance:
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 1 (right from the beginning!)
Re-release:Volume 1, Act 1, Page 7
Mixx: Volume 1, Act 1, Page 1 (right from the beginning!)

Anime Episode Number and Name Appearance:
Japanese: Episode 1 "Nakimushi Usagi no Karei Naru Henshin" [Graceful Change of Crybaby Usagi]
NA Dub: Episode 1 "A Moon Star is Born"

PGSM Episode Number Appearance:
Episode: Act 1

Character Fanlisting: Usa-ko

Personality and Fandom
Takeuchi Naoko's Notes:
  • A little Chubby
  • She's said that Usagi is a crybaby many times.
  • In Volume 10 she mentioned Sailor Moon might be her favorite Sailor Soldier... Might.


    First Sailormoon Manga Series (for convenience sake)
    She wasn't that great of a soldier when she started, but it quickly became clear that she had a good heart. She accepted people where others wouldn't accept them into their hearts. She befriended the "nerd" that just transferred. She befriended the psychic at the temple. She approached all the Sailors not caring what was said about them. And when she made a friend, she stuck by them and fought for them. She's very open-minded and has a good heart.

    She met Mamoru, whom she loved, but hated at the same time. In this series she learned how to be a leader, what made a leader and to take responsibility for her actions when she didn't want to.

    In the end, she sacrificed herself for the love she held. Although she was a coward, she finally accepted it and her responsibilities, she knew where she was going and what she was going to do. She found out what was important to her by the end of this series, and even refused to be queen of the moon even if it meant she would live in luxury.

    Black Moon Manga Series (for convenience sake)
    She met Usagi. Whom Mamoru promptly named Chibiusa much to Small Lady's discomfort. She found that her new friends were being captured left and right. She was totally destroyed as each one of her senshi fell in battle. She'd made new friends just to lose them. She learned to really value her friendship. She also learned to love Chibiusa. For her this series was not really critical in her development as a Soldier. It was more of a test of faith that everything would turn out alright.

    You really start to see the mothering qualities that Usagi has, and Cancer exhibits. Though there is too much plot for her to show her true affection towards Chibiusa-chan.

    Infinity Manga (for convenience sake)
    This really tested Usagi. She hated to see her friends fight. She couldn't understand why the soldiers couldn't work together. This series was dark for everyone. It took a lot of time developing the new senshi. Usagi didn't get much development overall. Though it showed how much she cared no matter who the person was.. even if they were a cyborg (Hotaru, MANGA ONLY).

    The Dream Manga (for convenience sake)
    In this you get a lot of characterization for everyone. It suddenly hiccups. You learn everyone's dreams and it takes time to develop each character in their own act and reveals more of the past life. (It's also my favorite series in the manga.. ^^;;)

    For Usagi you learn that her dream is to always protect the Earth with Mamoru. Though she thought her dream was to be a kid and to have no cares, she found that it didn't suit her. She loved being able to save the earth and do something. You found out again that she cares for everyone. She begins to really mature in this series. She doesn't trip so much anymore. She fights with Chibiusa less, and I think she begins to understand herself and her surroundings. She also gets a glimpse into her past with the fight with Neherennia.

    The Stars Manga (for convenience sake)
    This is the hardest series on Usagi. She loves Mamo-chan and he was about to ask her to marry him when he's shredded before her eyes by Galaxia. The people she loves are gone and all she is left with is Chibichibi. She's feeling more alone than she was in the other series. She's feeling really empty.

    She can't believe that there could be evil Sailor Soldiers. She wants everyone to get along and work together.

    Her history is much the same, while there are radical plot changes, none of them really effect Usagi in any particular way to make her completely different. The only significant change that should be mentioned is that in the anime she and the Sailors are much more forgiving of their enemies. In the manga she kills the majority of them and only spares four, who are really senshi. In the anime she forgives a large amount of people.

    This series loosely follows the first season of the anime/the first arc of the manga but has some major differences. The main one that affects Usagi as a person is the complication that in PGSM, the Princess [and the Mabaroshi no Ginzuishou] is intimately connected with Metallia and the destruction of the planet. Each time she uses the crystal, it increases the stress on the Earth as well as Metallia's powers. Usagi is forced to try adamantly to not use the crystal's power, which happens most often when she is upset emotionally [including anger, sadness or frustration] and not by will. She tries to remain smiling even when everything is at its darkest moment. She is also babied a lot more by the senshi as a result of this who do not want to upset her and add stress which may trigger a reaction from the Ginzuishou. This gives her an oddly abandoned feel to an extent, emotionally, and you feel like Usagi suffers more in PGSM than the other versions of Sailormoon.


    She started off as a crybaby. Some people just say she's a flake and not that intelligent. It might seem that way at first, but if you really look at it, she isn't just that at all! She's mostly lazy. It shows several times throughout the manga. She's not stupid.. she just doesn't try that hard. (this you can see in the exams, the writing of the kanji, etc.) It doesn't mean she doesn't continue to be lazy, because as Neo-Queen Selenity she doesn't try to look up or use kanji, and she's still occupied with getting presents. It just means in dire situations when others are in trouble, then she fights to her full.

    In the anime she isn't as well rounded as she is in the manga. she isn't as mature, and often gets into fights and cries for no good reason. She does develop as a character, and more so than the other senshi, but she isn't as mature and doesn't develop as much. Even the hard-core SM anime fan notices this difference in Usagi. The majority I've run into like her better in the manga despite their preference.

    The first major change you can note in Usagi in the anime is that she is more of a crybaby and doesn't really get over it as she does in the manga. She constantly fights with Rei (which most likely stems from the fact that Aries and Cancer are not supposed to get along). She fights with Chibiusa too. But within those relationships, the Anime says that those who fight are the closest, which they make an effort to constantly show. It's true that she seems to be very close to Rei in the anime, but she is not the closest to anyone. She's friends with Minako, Makoto, and Ami for different reasons and even recognizes this herself. They in turn recognize this in her.

    The second major thing you can see differ is the fact that Usagi gets jealous easily. This too is from her astrology. (This is one fact the anime plays heavily upon, more than Takeuchi-sensei) But they also justify this, as in the SMSS move where it was shown, though Usagi *acts* jealous, she wouldn't care for a friend that says that they like her more than one of her other friends. She may constantly call Chibiusa a brat, but when it comes down to the wire, she will save Chibiusa and say sweet things like, "Wake up or we'll lose our future. Chibiusa open your eyes! Let's become adults together! Let's become adults and realize our dreams together!" - Japanese Episode 166. It took her a while to admit it too. She first used the excuse of not being able to use the Golden Crystal, and then she insisted on Chibiusa waking up. It's only at the last minute that she confessed her feelings. She has also said that a future is not worth it without Mamo-chan, Chibiusa, and her friends.

    The other addition to the anime is of course a wonderful seiyuu! I cannot imagine an Usagi with any other voice. A voice that gets louder with each cry, and a sincerity that touches me deeply! You can find out more about Mitsuishi Kotono-san when I finally get her page up!

    NA Dub
    The voices for Serena detracted from the character. It is often not understood why a voice could change the scope of a character, but I can show why this is so. All three VA's though good in their own time and with eventual training that the seiyuu often learn, all whined Serena's voice. I think this was the voice direction. If you listen to the Japanese track versus the NA track you can hear on the Japanese track that the henshin phrases are shouted louder, the attacks have more power to them merely because the voices were allowed to be their loudest. There is more conviction because the voices were allowed to hit the top of the lung range possible.

    This is the weakness of the NA voice direction and so poor Serena every time she cries is not allowed to cry louder at all. Instead she whines. While Usagi gets louder and LOUDER, Serena gets louder, then whines. It might not seem like it would effect the perception of the character much, but it does take it's toll. It makes Serena more of a ditz than Usagi. She doesn't seem like the lazy rabbit Usagi is. Instead she seems like a brainless teenager with powers.

    Because Serena is given what seems the most teenage slang possible, she changes as a character. The Japanese animation never used slang for Usagi's language. This effect often makes her even more annoying than she has to be. The essence of Usagi is often still there, but it is detracted from by the fact Serena suddenly knows slang that would never show up in the Japanese language. It is possible that Optimum and the sponsors are trying to make Serena seem more "homely" and hip to the society, but as they are not part of the teenage population Serena instead comes off cheap.

    On the bright side Serena doesn't seem to be as self-centered as Usagi is because all the comments about looks and being fit are cut to the most minimum possible and also with the "Sailor Says"'s that DiC originally aired.

    Sera Myu:

    It depended on who played her. Check the Musicals section of the site to get more information.


    Usagi is essentially the same at the beginning of the series- fun, silly, immature. She befriends each senshi in turn as they are revealed to her (except for Sailor Venus). It is easier for Usagi to fight in this series than in the other versions, it seems as though she adjusts quickly to being a senshi [which Luna says is her 'Soldier's Sensibilities returning'] and is also essentially Usagi the entire time. When the Princess is revealed to be Usagi rather than Sailor Venus, it changes her a bit.

    At first Usagi seems unchanged but when the princess truly awakens within her it is frightening- the Princess takes over Usagi's form to use the ginzuishou. The princess and Queen Metallia are revealed to be intimately connected to each other through the ginzuishou which means when one uses their power the other can sense it and gain power from it. As the Princess uses her power, the planet takes damage. Ultimately, the Princess in the past destroyed the Earth completely do to emotional trauma. So Usagi is forced to take on a huge responsibility immediately and try to suppress any desire she has to react emotionally. she becomes depressed and upset towards the end of the series, but tries to continue smiling rather than letting the emotion escape and form into power. Eventually, at the death of Mamoru Usagi can not endure anymore and destroys the world once more with the Ginzuishou. She awakens on a desert and Endymion tells her that she can still save the world- at the cost of her own life. She uses the power because she is essentially the same Usagi as the anime and manga series.

    Why She is So Cool!:
    She is our Savior that in the anime will unfreeze the Earth in time for 3002 (the next millennium...).

    Because she evolves as a character over time. from a crybaby to being responsible for the universe and learning not to take the easy way out and run away. She grows and learns and we as fans grow and learn with her.