Welcome to the character profiles section. Here you will find in-depth categorized information on darn near every character in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. There are a few notations on the profiles here. Be warned there are spoilers with this stuff, because a lot of the history of different characters is explored. You have been warned. If any of the characters have only appeared in one version of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon it is noted with a number and an explanation of which version it is below.

Good Guys:
Royalty and Sailor Senshi
Movie Characters
Regular Background Characters
One-Shot Background Cast

Dark Kingdom
Aliens [2]
Black Moon Family
Death Busters
Opposito Senshi [5]
Dead Moon Circus
Shadow Galactica
Kaguya Island [3]
Dracul Vampir [3]

Monsters of the Day:
Cardian [2]
Shadow Lemure
Mirror Parody
Phage [2]
Genus Loci
PGSM-style Youma

[1.] This character was manga only
[2.] This character was anime only
[3.] This character was musicals only
[4.] This character was PGSM only
[5.] This character was video game only