Rei/Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars Name: Hino Rei
Sailor Name: Sailor Mars
Actress: Kitagawa Keiko
First Appearance: Act 2 (brief);
Introduction Appearance: Act 3 "Sannin Me no Senshi wa Miko no Rei-chan" [The Third Senshi is Miko Rei]
Civilian Hair: Espresso brown, lightened slightly from black worn straight to her shoulders in a layered style.
Sailor Hair: Black, very long, worn straight and down with bangs
Family: Father: Hino Takashi, a politician she doesn't get along with ; Mother, Hino Risa, deceased
Past Life: Sailor Mars, second in command of the sailor senshi
Attack Element: Fire
Love Interest: Thinks that boys are a waste of time and energy.
Image Color: Red
Image Songs: Sakura Fubuki; Hoshi Furu Yoake

She is: The second in command of the guardian senshi, and the third senshi to join the sailor team. At first, Rei didn't even want to be a part of the Sailor Senshi team, preferring to act as a lone senshi rather than joining the other girls. Eventually, she decides it is better to work together and even becomes good friends with the other girls.

Personality: Rei is very much like the manga character of Hino Rei in PGSM, and she is stubborn and cold at times, but always graceful and very caring. Rei doesn't believe in carrying over her mission from her past life, and rather, she acts as a Sailor Senshi because she wants to protect the world now as well as her friendships. Rei is mature and can also seem bossy at times, but she has a soft spot for children and is very tender towards them.

Likes: Aino Minako (as her friend, not as an idol), children.

Enemies: Queen Beryl, the Shittenou, Queen Metallia, Kuroki Mio

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