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Name Information
Japanese Name:
Queen Beryl

Japanese Name Characters:
Queen Beryl

Japanese Name Pronounced:
Koo-wee-n Beh-reel

Japanese Alias:

Japanese Alias Characters:

Japanese Alias Pronounced:

Japanese Alias Definition

North American Names:
Mixx - Queen Beryl
meaning: A precious gemstone.
DiC - Queen Beryl
Irwin - Queen Beryl
Fans - N/A

North American Alias:

Names in Other Countries:

Enemy Information
Once a normal person who pined after Prince Endymion during the time of the Silver Millennium, she finds Queen Metallia and starts open war. Her unrequited love, jealousy and Metallia turn her into an evil Queen. She is transported with the Sailor Senshi to the present time when Queen Selenity revived them.


Manga Title:
Queen Beryl, Queen of the Dark Kingdom

Works with Metallia hoping to destroy the Sailor Senshi and rule the world.

Manga Mission:
To stop the Sailor Senshi and rule the world by spreading dark energy. She also wants Endymion as her own.

Color Associations:
Red and purple.



Hair Hold Attack
Japanese: Volume 3, Act 11, Page 101
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 3, Act 11, Page 101


Special Powers:

She can use her crystal ball to watch what her Shittenou are doing as well as what the Sailor Senshi are up to.

She can use her crystal ball to watch what her Shittenou are doing as well as seeing what the senshi are up to.

Personal Information
Approximate Age:

Estimated Height:
5'8" - 5'9" [very tall]

Likes and Dislikes
strong Point:

Has Trouble With:
Jealousy, Unrequited Love

Special Strengths:

Power, Prince Endymion

The Sailor Senshi
Incompetent Minions

Looking into her crystal ball?

Living Accommodations
Family: Lives with the Shittenou and Queen Metallia. Had some lust and attraction to Prince Endymion. No other known family.

Manga and Anime: In the Dark Kingdom's palace with Queen Metallia. The palace is located at the North Pole (D Point).

In the Real World
Anime Original Character Designer:

Keiko Han

English Voice Actor:
Naz Edwards

Musicals Played By:
Nishiniya Yuri [1993 - 1998]; Miyazawa Akiko [2003 - 2004]

PGSM Live Action Played By:
Sugimoto Aya

Manga First Appearance:
Japanese: Volume 1, Act 2, Page 43
Re-release: ?
Mixx:Volume 1, Act 2, Page 43

Killed By/Healed By in the Manga: Sailor Venus

How They Were Killed/Healed: Sailor Venus uses the ginzuishou sword she pulled from the Moon Palace's ruins to stab Beryl through the heart, killing her.

Anime Episode Number and Name Appearance:
Episode 1, Nakimushi Usagi no Kareinaru Henshin [Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation]
NA Dub: Episode 1, A Moon Star is Born

Killed By/Healed By in the Anime: Sailormoon (Princess Serenity)

How They Were Killed/Healed: She merges with Queen Metallia in a one-on-one showdown with Sailormoon (as Princess serenity). Princess Serenity combines the power of the Ginzuishou with the Moon Stick to create a massive attack, killing both Beryl and Metallia.

PGSM Episode Number and Name Appearance:
Episode: Act 1

Killed By/Healed by in PGSM: Layers and layers of rock and earth.

How they were Killed/Healed: She stays behind in the Dark Kingdom, even as it is collapsing upon her.

Character Fanlisting: N/A

Official Character Sprite(s):
Bust 1 Bust 2 forward side back Battle

Personality and Fandom
Useless Background Information:

Also Happens to Look Like:

Takeuchi Naoko's Notes:

  • Horns Spring from her Shoulders and arms.
  • The holes of her ears are pitch black.
  • She also has fangs.
  • Gag face.
  • History:

    The First Sailormoon Series (for convenience sake)
    Beryl is the ruthless woman who we see, watching the moves of the senshi and shitennou. It is revealed how Beryl became who she is- by falling in love with Prince Endymion and meeting Queen Metallia in the Dark Kingdom. Metallia gives Beryl the power to start a war between the Earth and Moon, then tries to kill Princess Serenity herself (Endymion protects her and is killed instead). When Princess Serenity kills herself in her grief, Queen Serenity uses her power to send her, reborn, into the future. She also sends Metallia, Beryl, and the other major players of the war as well.

    Beryl tries to take what she can to have everything that Princess Serenity once had and she did not- Power, Endymion, and a Kingdom. Beryl does this in a very cruel and selfish way, not caring who she squashes to get what she desires. She kidnaps Tuxedo Kamen and manipulates his body like a puppet, turning him against the senshi. Sailormoon tries to reason with Tuxedo Kamen. Meanwhile, Beryl attacks the other senshi. Sailor Venus uses the sword she pulled from the ruins of the Moon Kingdom to kill Beryl.

    Beryl has a similar story in the anime. She still has an affection for Endymion, though it isn't explored as much, it's clear when she keeps him and turns him evil that she wants him for herself. Beryl stays behind the scenes until the final battle when Sailormoon treks to D Point to attack her. Sailormoon first convinces Tuxedo Kamen to come to his senses, who protects her from Beryl. Beryl combines with Queen Metallia and Sailormoon emerges as Princess Serenity, using the ginzuishou to kill both Beryl and Metallia.


    Rotten to the core, Beryl is cold and cruel. She uses Metallia's powers but plans to really rule the world herself, with Metallia out of the picture. She is jealous of Princess Serenity and wants everything that she has: Endymion, power, beauty, and to rule. Beryl is aloof and cold. She doesn't care who she uses or disposes of.

    Beryl is similar to the manga version in the anime. She is cruel, malicious and people are disposable, to the point where she actually kills Zoicite herself, despite Kunzite's protestation. She wants power and seems more willing to share it with Metallia than she does in the manga.

    NA Dub:
    Beryl is more vindictive and cruel and less human in the dub. She says, for example that she has 'heard of it' in reference to the emotion love. She also seems to be more power-hungry. Because Metallia is not a queen in this but instead just energy, it really leaves her more in charge of the show. This makes Beryl more assertive and less subservient, and much more of the boss than in the original version.

    Why They Were So Evil!:
    Beryl was afflicted by envy and want. Her ambition allowed her to claw her way up to get anything that she desired, weather that be power, the world, servants, or Endymion. Anyone who stands in her way? Eh, they're disposable.