Sailor Saturn
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Personality & Fandom

Name Information
Transformed Name:
Sailor Saturn
Princess Saturn

Transformed Name Characters:

Transformed Name Pronounced:

Japanese Name:
Tomoe Hotaru

Japanese Name Characters:
Tomoe Hotaru

Japanese Name Pronounced:
Toh-moh-eh Ho-tah-roo

Japanese Name Definition: Firefly Sprouting from the Soil

Japanese Nicknames:
Everyone (especially Chibiusa in the anime): Hotaru-chan

North American Names:
Mixx - Hotaru Tomoe
meaning: Firefly, Sprouting from the Earth
DiC - N/A
CWI - Hotaru Tomoe (pronounced Toh-Moh)
meaning: Firefly, Sprouting from the earth. [Also possibly "Soil King" with the pronunciation change]
Irwin - N/A
Fans - Helen
meaning: Light/From Mythology

North American Nicknames:

Names in Other Countries:
France: Olivia Williams
Mexico: Hotaru Tomoe

Sailor Information

Death, Destruction [Time in association]

Manga Title:
[Soldier of Silence; Soldier of Destruction; Soldier of Ruin and Birth]

Castle / Palace / Kingdom:
Titan Castle [manga only]

Image Gemstone:

Image Color:
Purple ?

Challenge/Introduction Words:
Romaji: "Chinmoku no hoshi, dosei wo shugo ni motsu, hametsu to tanjou no senshi, Sera Saturn!"
English Translation: "Protected by the planet of Silence, Saturn, the soldier of destruction and birth, Sailor Saturn!"

Transformation Words:


(Saturn Transforms)
Japanese: Volume 10, Act 33, Page 79
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 10, Act 33, Page 80-83

Saturn Crystal Power! Make Up!
Japanese: Volume 14, Act 39, Page 67
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: SuperS Volume 3, Act 6, Page 65


Saturn does not transform onscreen. She does have a transformation sequence in the Sega Saturn Sailormoon Video Game.



Death Reborn Revolution!
Japanese: Volume 10, Act 33, Page 90
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: Volume 10, Act 33, Page 92-93

Silence Wall!
Japanese: Volume 14, Act 39, Page 104
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: SuperS Volume 3, Act 6, Page 102

Silence Glaive Surprise!
Japanese: Volume 14, Act 39, Page 105
Re-Release: ?
Mixx: SuperS Volume 3, Act 6, Page 103


Death Reborn Revolution!
Japanese: Episode 125
NA: Episode 118

Silence Wall!
Japanese: Episode 172

Silence Glaive Surprise!
Japanese: Episode 172

Special Powers



Personal Information
Date of Birth:
January 6

Beginning Age:
13 (not counting the de-aging/rebirth etc)

End Age:

Current Age:
17 [As calculated from fan book b-dates]

Estimated Height:
Fluctuates [estimated from fan books]

Blood Type:

Zodiac Sign:

Zodiac Symbol:
A Goat With a Fish Tail

Zodiac Ruling Planet:

Zodiac Element:
Earth (soil)

Zodiac Colors:
Dark Green, Grey, Black and Brown

Zodiac Metal:
Lead and Silver

Zodiac Gemstone:
Amethyst and Turquoise

Zodiac Plant:
Ivy, Pine, Elm, and Willow

Zodiac Flower:
Amaranthus and Pansy


Birth Flower:

Likes and Dislikes
Favorite Food:
Nihon Soba (Japanese Buckwheat Noodles)

Least Favorite Food:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Flower:

Favorite Animal:

Favorite Subject:
World History

Worst Subject:
Physical Education

Strong Point:
Injury Treatment

Has Trouble With:

Special Strengths:
N/A (Irwin)

N/A (Irwin)

N/A (Irwin)

Reading, Collecting Lamps

Japanese Clubs:

Manga - To be a nurse
Anime - To be a nurse

Schooling and Living Accommodations
Manga: Her Father, Professor Tomoe [killed at the end of Infinity Manga]. A make-shift family with Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna after her rebirth.
Anime: Her Father, Professor Tomoe. A make-shift family with Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna after her rebirth.
DiC: N/A
CWI: With her father, Professor Tomoe. Later with Amara, Michelle, and Tristan raising her as her 'family'.

Manga and Anime: With her father in a big mansion; with Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna in a large Victorian Empire house. (please note that the duration between the manga and anime are different.)
DiC - N/A
CWI - With her father in a big mansion; with Amara, Michelle and Tristan in a large Victorian Empire house.

Schools Attended:

Junior High:
Manga: ?
Anime: Mugen Gakuen
DiC: N/A
CWI: Infinity Academy

High School:
Manga: ?
Anime: None

In the Real World
Anime Original Character Designer:
Itoh Ikuko

Minaguchi Yuko

English Voice Actor:
Kathie Griffin

Musical Acting By:
Takeda Keiko [1996 - 1998 - but in 1995 she played 'miss dream' who looked an awful lot like Hotaru, she also took a brief break from the role]; Imai Chihiro [1997]; Sanpei Asami [1998]; Mita Mao [1999 - 2000]; Tomioka Mario [2000 - 2001]; Kakiuchi Ayami [2001 - 2002]; Nakamura Ruria [2002 - 2003]; Iizuka Yui [2003 - 2004]; Funakoshi Eriko [2004 - 2005]

Manga Appearance:
Japanese: Volume 7, Act 24, Page 173
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 7, Act 24, Page 171

Anime Episode Number and Name Appearance:
First Appearance (in shadows): Episode 111, "Seihai no shinpi na chikara. Moon nidan henshin" [The Sacred Cup's Mysterious Power! Double Moon transformation]
Official Appearance: Episode 112 "Shin no kyuuseishu ha dare? Hikari to kage no chaos" [Who is the real messiah? The chaos of light and dark]
NA Dub: First Appearance (in shadows): Episode 104, "The Purity Chalice"
Official Appearance: Episode 105 "Show Stoppers"

Character Fanlisting: Saturn

Personality and Fandom
Takeuchi Naoko's Notes:
  • In summer as well, she wears tights and long sleeves.
  • Amulet.
  • She's fair-skinned, delicate, and her body is weak.
  • Her eyes are black like holes.
  • Her voice is low and quiet. She's precocious.
  • Expressionless.
  • She carries a staff.
  • The soldier of silence.
  • Sailor Saturn's item, the silence glaive.
  • History:

    Infinity Manga (for convenience sake)
    Introduced to us as the weak cyborg girl that can heal, she is the daughter of Keiko and Souichi Tomoe. She was not supposed to awaken at all, or be reborn. She befriended Chibiusa, but soon after that she became evil. But without Chibiusa as a friend, she would never have been able to fight the evil as long, but also in an ironic way Chibiusa also helped her to become the dreaded Mistress 9, the Messiah for Pharaoh 90. ^^;;

    Soon after she fought by herself to free herself from the evil she turned into Sailor Saturn, and then she used Death Reborn (ribbon) Revolution. Also begging Usagi to use the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou so the solar system would be saved. She was then cleansed because of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou and all of the cybernetics were taken away and she was reborn again as a little baby. Michiru took her with the other Sailors and promised that they would return someday. (since her father died)

    The Dream Manga (for convenience sake)
    Hotaru, the naughty little child breaking various objects, forgot entirely about being Sailor Saturn or the Dark Messiah. She awakens again as Sailor Saturn while taking a bath. (in one of my favorite scenes in the manga!). She then takes leadership of the Senshi from the Outer Solar System and tells them that they must protect the future, and protect the Princess and Prince, who are in danger. This is the new mission. Though this does force the Senshi from the Outer Solar System into cooperating with the inner senshi, it does not mean that their basic mission has changed. This is to protect the future, and in doing so they must protect the Moon Princess. I hope you understand the difference.

    The Stars Manga (for convenience sake)
    A happy little girl again, and friends with Chibiusa, also looking a bit younger than before, Hotaru plays with Chibichibi. We get to see her castle, and her character is slightly built on... but not by much. She is killed for the sake of the plotline.. but don't worry.. she does come back.

    The anime played more with her friendship with Chibiusa and ignored more of the action-based plot in the manga. The anime Hotaru was developed to be weak, but very strong at heart (though I, personally, think that she wasn't as strong as her manga counterpart.). She also seems to be more weakly in the anime than she was in the manga. We do get to see her mother in the shadows, however, we never get a name put to the face. It's revealed that her family was once a normal family that would go to parks. She also doesn't have a cyborg element to her. Hotaru's Father is the one that takes care of her after she becomes a baby, not the Senshi from the Outer Solar System. Her father never dies in the anime. It's only later when the Senshi from the Outer Solar System need Hotaru that they try to raise her.




    NA Dub

    Sera Myu
    It depends on who is playing her. Check the Musicals section for more info.

    Why She is So Cool!:
    One look at her and most people say she's too dark, or that she's goth. That's not true at all. Inside Hotaru is a heart that burns brightly, even if it is often sad over the duties that she has to do. Because of her strength and determination, despite her duties, it makes her one of the best characters around! Hey, would you be happy if every time you awakened, you had to kill everyone you love to do so?

    She may seem quiet at times, but she does have the ability to get angry too! In the manga, she got angry at Naruru and Ruruna for being Otaku. Poor Hotaru! (She became friends with them in the end though).

    She is also cast out a lot because she can heal people and many in her school think it's freaky, but despite all of that she does it anyway (and to the cost of her own health)! That shows strength of character, though she often carries her hurt inside of her, once the SMS series ended, as she let go and made a wonderful semi-leader. Plus she has a really cool glaive and to top that off she is the most powerful of the outer senshi in my mind. Hey, who else of the senshi can destroy the universe by bringing down a glaive, yet she can also heal at her own expense.

    My Tribute Poem to this Magnificent Character:
    Tomoe Hotaru
    Mysterious healer
    Weak, but powerful
    Father evil
    Mother dead
    Sailor Saturn
    Destroyer of the universe
    Gives birth to a new beginning
    Oh, your name may be a take off on Satan
    But you are not evil
    You are not Goth
    Aging and de-aging
    never old
    to protect your princess
    to save people's lives
    as you are the soldier of destruction
    noble in your bravery and silence
    we worship your ways
    Sailor Saturn