Volume 7
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
Volume 7 front cover Volume 7 Spine Volume 7 back cover Volume 7 front cover flap Volume 7 Back cover flap Volume 7 Poster

Date Published: 1994

Containing Acts: 23-24

Important Story Moments:
Act 23, 'Saisei - Never Ending'

  • Sailor Pluto stops time [p.9]
  • It is revealed that if Pluto stops time, she will die. [p.10]
  • Usagi takes the ginzuishou from frozen Demando [p.18].
  • Sailor Pluto dies [p.24]
  • Black Lady realizes that she loves Pluto, this breaks the spell upon her and she returns to Chibiusa form [p.25-30]
  • Chibiusa transforms into Sailor Chibimoon for the first time (no words used) [p.32-33]
  • Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen kill Prince Demando [p.44]
  • Sailormoon attacks Nemesis [p.50-51]
  • Neo-Queen Selenity awakens [p.56].
  • Neo-Queen Selenity awakens King Endymion [p.58]
  • Neo-Queen Selenity gives Sailor Chibimoon her own Moon Rod [p.67]
  • Sailormoon and Sailor Chibimoon attack with Moon Princess Halation and destroy Nemesis [p.77-78]
  • The first moon locket breaks, along with the moon rod [p.78]
  • Neo-Queen Selenity restores Crystal Tokyo [p.80]
  • Neo-Queen Selenity gives the inner senshi their titles [p.82]
  • Neo-Queen Selenity gives Sailormoon the second Moon Locket [p.83-84]
  • Usagi and Mamoru say goodbye to Chibiusa [p.97-100].
  • Chibiusa gives Usagi the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, from her mother [p.101]
  • Chibiusa returns to the future[p.103]
  • Chibiusa returns from the future and explains she is there to train [p.107-108]
  • Act 24, 'Mugen 1 - Yokan'

  • First appearance of Pharoah 90 [p.113]
  • First appearance of Kaolinite [p.115]
  • Rei and Mamoru have a premonition of coming disaster[p.115-117]
  • First appearance of Michiru [p.129]
  • First appearance of Haruka [p.131]
  • Usagi meets Haruka [p.137]
  • Mamoru meets Michiru [p.138-139]
  • A girl turns into a monster (first Daimon) [p.143-145]
  • Usagi first transforms with 'Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!' [p.146]
  • Minako first transforms with 'Venus Planet Power, Make Up!' [p.146]
  • Rei first transforms with 'Mars Planet Power, Make Up!' [p.146]
  • Makoto first transforms with 'Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up!' [p.146]
  • Ami first transforms with 'Mercury Planet Power, Make Up!' [p.146]
  • Sailor Venus first attacks with 'Venus Wink Chain Sword!' [p.148]
  • Sailor Jupiter first attacks with 'Jupiter Coconut Cyclone!' [p.148]
  • The daimon turns back into the girl [p.148-149]
  • First appearance of the Witches 5 [p.157]
  • First appearance of Hotaru [p.174]
  • Another daimon attacks [p.176]
  • First (silhouette) appearance of Sailors Neptune and Uranus [p.177]
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