Group Attacks
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Sailor Planet Attack! (Example 2)
Japanese: Volume 3, Act 10, Page 45-46
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 3, Act 10, Page
This is an attack only involving Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury. Unlike the anime it does not require Sailor Moon.

(Sailor Teleport) (Example 2)
Japanese: Volume 3, Act 10, Page 14-15
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 3, Act 10, Page 14-15
No particular words are used for this ability. The senshi invoke their powers and think of the destination, but they do not actually say Sailor Teleport, unlike the anime.

(Bring Sailor Moon Back to Life)(Page 2)
Japanese: Volume 3, Act 12, Page 161
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 3, Act 12, Page 161
The sailors put their pens together when Sailor Moon was dead. They sacrificed their power and their lives for Usagi and the Earth. ALMOST made me cry on my manga, but I couldn't bring myself to ruin my manga!

Pink Ladies Freezing!! Kiss!!!
Japanese: Volume 18, Act 49, Page 23
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Stars Volume 3, Act
It's popular belief that it is Sailor Chibimoon's attack... but the fact that all of the Amazoness Quartet, and her are gaping their mouths open ALL in a shout makes me think it's a group attack, and not an individual attack. Also the use of LADIES instead of Lady makes me think that it is a group attack. (see picture for this support) This attack was used to save Sailor Moon, Sailor Kakyuu, and Sailor Chibichibi. Kawaii!

Amazoness Jungle Arrow!
Japanese: Volume 18, Act 49, Page 24
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Stars Volume 3, Act
The previously Amazoness Quartet do this, but when they turned into Senshi and were swore that they would protect their Princess (That would be Usagi SL Selenity-hime). They managed to kill one of Galaxia's minions with this thing (I won't tell you who!) and in doing so with their previous attack save the day for Sailor Moon, Sailor Kakyuu and Sailor Chibichibi.


Sailor Teleport
Japanese: Episode 45
NA: Episode 40 (Scout Power)
Is it me, or does Scout power just sound corny.. OK.. this is done in the anime and you can see Sailor Moon's transformation color! pink! They use it to get to the North pole. Animation from Rushita.

Sailor Planet Power
Japanese: Episode 72
NA: Episode 65 Listen
Apparently this can be done by just the four Sailor soldiers or the usual five. It is more powerful with the full five, and usually is used as a last resort.

Sailor Special Garlic Attack!
Japanese: SMSS Special
Well.. this really isn't a real attack.. but it did weaken the enemy. Man, that got to stink.. anyone up for shabu shabu.. Bulgogi? Make you faint at least..

Sailor Planet Attack
Japanese: Episode 82

Silver Crystal Power
Japanese: SMS Movie
NA: SMS Movie


(Combine Powers)
First Used: Multiple
They use this type of attack frequently in so many different combinations making it too hard to separate these attacks into other categories. Two or more senshi can use this to create a simultaneous attack and they don't always use specific attack phrases to do so- more frequently they just channel their power through their hands to attack the culprit at the same time.

(Break Down the Force Field)
First Used: Act 16
They first tried to break the force field barrier with only Sailor Mercury, Moon, and Mars but found that it was inadequate. After they had retrieved Sailor Jupiter from her house they found they could do it easily enough. There were no words used with this attack when it was successful, it's just a combination of powers.

Moonlight Attractive Attack
First Used: Act 28
The senshi combine their powers and channel them through their Star Tambourines and the Moonlight Stick. It requires at least four senshi to perform (it has been done without Sailor Venus being present).

Sailor Planet Attack!
First Used: Special Act
Sailormoon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter (without Sailor Mars, who was in the hospital suffering from previous attacks) perform this attack to kill off the monster of Kuroki Mio once and for all.